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“Development and Molecular Characterization of Lentil Plants (Lens culinaris medik) Tolerant to Chlorosulfuron Herbicide”. Nisreen AI-QuraanBiotechnology2002Published
"Analysis of Genetic Diversity of Wild Barley (Hordeum spontaneum C. koch) of North Jordan (Ajloun area) Using DNA-Based Marker (AFLP and RAPD)”Mohannad AI-SaghairBiology2002Published
:"The Fast Detection of Human Enteric Pathogens (Viruses and Bacteria) in Water Resources from Irbid Province Using Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)"Abeer AhabanBiology2006Published
Culture-Dependent and Culture-Independent Approaches to Study the Bacterial and Archaeal Diversity from Jordanian Hot Springs "Manal Al-OmaryBiotechnology2007Published
"Molecular and Conventional Study of Bacterial Composition of Dental Plaque on Dental Restorations"Rabeah RawashdehBiotechnology2007Published
"Mutational analysis of oil degrading genes in bacterial isolates from oil contaminated soil at Jordanian oil refinery in Zarqa"Linda FatimiBiology2007Published
"Investigation of the ability of Jordanian oil-degrading bacterial isolates to degrade different petroleum-hydrocarbons in Situ and ex Situ.Mohammad JahmaniBiology2008Published
“Isolation and characterization of oil degrading bacteria from oil contaminated soils from Zarqa Refinery station/Jordan”Taghleb Al-DeebBiology2005Published
" Characterization of thermophilic enzymes of industrial use from thermophilic bacteria isolated from Zerka Ma'in hot springs in JordanQuatadah RadiadehBiotechnology2008Published
"Molecular detection & identification of oil degrading bacteria from oil-contaminated soil in the Northeast Part of Jordan". Mohammad M. Al-Adwan.BiotechnologyMajor advisor: Dr. Emad Hussein & I am co-Advisor2010Published
“Basic Tenth Grade Students arguments about socio-genetic issues in biology related to gender and reasoning patterns. PhD student: Ziad A. JarrahPlant Biotechnology & AgricultureI was an wxternal Examiner2011Published
intergarting environmental sciences concepts in 10th grade school classes in Jordan. Name of studentPhD student: Abdallah DaradkahEducation Co-advisor: Dr. Mohammad SubbariniCurrent , still working on the DessertationNot Published