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Cancer chemoprevention through dietary flavonoids: what’s limiting?Amawi, H., Ashby, C. R., & Tiwari, A. K.Chinese journal of cancer36(1), 50.2017
Polyphenolic nutrients in cancer chemoprevention and metastasis: Role of the epithelial-to-mesenchymal (EMT) pathwayAmawi, H., Ashby, C. R., Samuel, T., Peraman, R., & Tiwari, A. KNutrients9(8), 9112017
HM015k, a novel silybin derivative, multi-targets metastatic ovarian cancer cells and is safe in zebrafish toxicity studies.Amawi, Haneen, et alFrontiers in pharmacology 8: 498.2017
Thienopyrimidine derivatives exert their anticancer efficacy via apoptosis induction, oxidative stress and mitotic catastrophe.Amawi, Haneen, et al.European journal of medicinal chemistry138: 1053-10652017
Cariprazine, A Dopamine D2/D3 Receptor Partial Agonist, Modulates ABCG2-Mediated Multidrug Resistance in CancerHussein, N., Ashby, C., Amawi, H., Nyinawabera, A., Vij, A., Khare, V., Tiwari, A. Cancers10(9), 3082018
ABC Transporter-Mediated Multidrug-Resistant Cancer. In Drug Transporters in Drug Disposition, Effects and Toxicity Amawi, H., Sim, H. M., Tiwari, A. K., Ambudkar, S. V., & Shukla, SSpringer2019
 Bax/tubulin/epithelial-mesenchymal pathways determine the efficacy of silybin analog HM015k in colorectal cancer cell growth and metastasis.Amawi, H., Hussein, N. A., Ashby Jr, C. R., Alnafisah, R., Sanglard, L. M., Manivannan, E., ... & Tiwari, A. KFrontiers in pharmacology9, 5202018
The Effect of Long-Term Second-Generation Antipsychotics Use on the Metabolic Syndrome Parameters in Jordanian PopulationAbo Alrob, O., Alazzam, S., Alzoubi, K., Nusair, M. B., Amawi, H., Karasneh, R., ... & Nammas,Medicina  55(7), 320.‏2019
The prevalence and severity of potential drug-drug interactions among polypharmacy patients in Jordan. Nusair, M. B., Al-azzam, S. I., Arabyat, R. M., Amawi, H. A., Alzoubi, K. H., & Rabah, ASaudi Pharmaceutical Journal2019
Novel Thienopyrimidine Derivative, RP-010, Induces β-Catenin Fragmentation and Is Efficacious against Prostate Cancer CellsAmawi, H., Hussein, N., Boddu, S. H., Karthikeyan, C., Williams, F. E., Ashby, C. R., ... & Tiwari, A. KCancers11(5), 7112019
Cariprazine is a potent chemo-adjuvant against multidrug resistant colon and lung cancerNoor Hussein, Angelique Nyinawbera, Haneen Amawi, Amit TiwariAmerican Association for Cancer Research79 (2116-2116)American Association for Cancer Research2019
Correlation Between BCL2 and Mcl1 Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms and Chemotherapy Response in Jordanian Patients with Colorectal CancerNizar M Mhaidat, Haneen Amawi, Karem H AlzoubiCurrent Pharmaceutical BiotechnologyBentham Science Publishers2020
Flavonoids as Multi-Target Compounds: A Special Emphasis on their Potential as Chemo-adjuvants in Cancer TherapyAjay G Namdeo, Sai HS Boddu, Haneen Amawi, Charles R Ashby Jr, Diwakar B Tukaramrao, Piyush Trivedi, R Jayachandra Babu, Amit K TiwariCurrent pharmaceutical design26(1712-1728)Bentham Science Publishers2020
COVID-19 pandemic: an overview of epidemiology, parthenogenesis, diagnostics and potential vaccines and therapeuticsKamal Dua & Murtaza M Tambuwala Haneen Amawi, Ghina'a I Abu Deiab, Alaa A A AljabaliTherapeutic Delivery11Future sciences2020
Carbon Nanotubes in Nucleic Acids DeliveryInternational Journal of Nanotechnology and Nanoscience 6 (26-30)Whites Sciences 2020
The use of zebrafish model in prostate cancer therapeutic development and discoveryCharles R. Ashby Jr. & Amit K. Tiwari Haneen Amawi, Alaa A. A. Aljabali, Sai H. S. Boddu, Sadam Amawi, Mohammad A. ObeidCancer Chemotherapy and PharmacologySpringer2021
Use of Nanoparticles in Delivery of Nucleic Acids for Melanoma TreatmentMohammad A. Obeid, Alaa A. A. Aljabali, Meriem Rezigue, Haneen Amawi, Hanin Alyamani, Shatha N. Abdeljaber, and Valerie A. FerroMethods in molecular biology (Clifton, NJ)2265, 591-6202021
Latest advances in triple-negative breast cancer nanotheranosticsMeriem Rezigue, Mohammad A Obeid, Haneen Amawi, Alaa AA Aljabali385-407Elsevier2021
siRNA Delivery to Melanoma Cells with Cationic Niosomes.Mohammad A Obeid, Hanin Alyamani, Haneen Amawi, Alaa AA Aljabali, Meriem Rezigue, Shatha N Abdeljaber, Valerie A FerroMethods in molecular biology (Clifton, NJ)2265621-6342021
Ceftriaxone reduces waterpipe tobacco smoke withdrawal-induced anxiety in rats via modulating the expression of TNF-α/NFĸB, Nrf2, and GLT-1Alaa M Hammad, Ghadeer MS Swiss, F Scott Hall, Suhair Hikmat, Youssef Sari, TM Al-Qirim, HA AmawiNeuroscience2021
The validity of mobile applications to facilitate patient care provided to cancer patients:  opportunities and limitationsHaneen Amawi 1 *, Sayer Alazzam 2 , Tasnim Alzanati 3 , Neveen Altamimi 4 , Alaa Hammad 5 ,  Karem H. Alzoubi 2 , Charles R. Ashby, Jr. 6 , Amit K. TiwariRecent Patent on anticancer Drug discovery 2021
Anxiety and Depression in Pharmacy Students Before and During COVID-19Al-Qerem W., Hammad A., Amawi, H., Jarab A.,  Ling Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research2021
“Novel 3-((2-chloroquinolin-3-yl)methylene)indolin-2-one derivatives produce anticancer efficacy in ovarian cancer in vitro13. Chandrabose K, Amawi H, Ashby CR, Khare VM, Jones, V, Narayana Moorthy NS, Trivedi P, Tiwari AK–Heliyon2018
Cariprazine, A Dopamine D2/D3 Receptor Partial Agonist, Modulates ABCG2-Mediated Multidrug Resistance in Cancer14. Hussein N, Ashby CR Jr, Amawi H, Nyinawabera A, Vig A, Khare VM, Karthikeyan C, Tiwari AK.Cancers2018
Efficient synthesis and anti-cancer activity of xenoritides A-D including entl epi-stereoisomers.15. Esmati N, Maddirala A. R, Hussein N, Amawi H, Tiwari A. K, Andereana P. R.Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2018
lH-Pyrazolo [3, 4-b] quinolin-3-amine derivatives inhibit growth of colon cancer cells via apoptosis and sub G1 cell cycle arrest16. Karthikeyan C#, Amawi H#, Viana, A. G., Sanglard, L., Hussein, N., Saddler, M., ... & Tiwari, A. Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters2018
Synthesis of novel thienopyrimidine derivatives that exert their anticancer efficacy via apoptosis induction, oxidative stress and mitotic catastrophe19. Amawi H, Karthikeyan C, Pathak R, Hussein N, Christman R, Robery R, Ashby CR Jr, Trivedi P; Malhotra A, Tiwari AKEuropean Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2017
The dopamine D3 receptor antagonists PG01037, NGB2904, SB277011A, and U99194 reverse ABCG2 transporter-mediated drug resistance in cancer cell linesHussein N#, Amawi H#, Karthikeyan C, Scott F. H, Mittal R, Trivedi P, Ashby CR Jr, Tiwari AK.Cancer Lett2017
Discovery of New Silybin Analogs as Antiproliferative Agents: Disjunctive Approach Based Natural Product Lead Optimization. Manivannana E#, Amawi H#, Karthikeyan C, Hussein N, Fetcenko A, Arabela G. Vianac, Sanglard LP, Moorthy NHS, Trivedi P and Tiwari AK. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry2017
N-(1H-pyrazol-3-yl) quinazolin-4-amines as a Novel Class of Casein kinase 1 δ/ε Inhibitors: Synthesis, Biological Evaluation and Molecular Modeling StudiesKarthikeyan C, Jharia P, Waiker DK, Nusbaum AC, Amawi H, Kirwen EM, Christman R; Arudra SK, t Meijer L, Trivedi P,  Tiwari AKBioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry2017
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