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1) Ancient South Arabian.
2) Ancient North Arabian.
3) Aramaic and Nabataean Inscriptions
4) Selected Semitic Inscriptions from Jordan
5) Old Ethiopic (Ge'ez).
6) Comparative Semitic Philology.
7) Sabaic Epigraphy
8) The rise of the Arabic script and its development
9) Qatabanian, Hadramitic and Minaic Inscriptions
10) Thamudic and Safaitic Inscriptions
11) Ugaritic
12) Aramaic inscriptions.
13) Research Methodology
14) Special topic in Ancient Near Eastern epigraphy
15) Ancient Near Eastern History.
16) The Rise of Civilizations
Jerusalem in History
18) Ancient South and North Arabian inscriptions
19) HARVARD UNIVERSITY – CAMBRIDGE, MA,  U.S.A  (2003/2005)  I taught a course on the history of the Arabian epigraphical languages (Second Semester 2004/2005) at the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations (NELC) / Faculty of Arts and Sci
20) Rise of Civilizations