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Prof. Hasan Tashtoush - PhD


Chemistry Department 

Yarmouk University 

Irbid - Jordan


P.O Box 560

ht​ /              




  • Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry - Iowa State University/Ames, USA, 1984​
    • Theses Titl​e: Free-Radial Chain Reactions  of Organic Mercury and tin Compounds.
  •  M. Sc. in Chemistry, University of Jordan, 1979.
    • Theses Title: Synthesis and Spectral Properties of Quinoxaline Amino Ester Mono-N-Oxides.
  • B. Sc. Chemistry, University of Jordan, Jordan. 1976. 


 Hasan Tashtoush, Chemistry Department, PhD., Yarmouk University, is a full professor of Organic chemistry. Prof. Tashtoush has been working in Yarmouk University since 1984; the year he attained his PhD degree from Iowa state University. ​With more than 45 journal and conference tier one publications; Prof. Tashtoush was a fellow in the DAAD Research Fellowship and then Alexander Van Humboldt Research Fellowship. The research interests of Prof. Tashtoush focus around Synthetic organic chemistry, Mechanistic organic chemistry and free radical carbon to carbon bond formation reaction. At the age of 39; Prof Tashtoush was promoted the Professorship ranking in 1993. 

In 1998, Prof. Tashtoush was appointed as the chairman of the Chemistry department in Hashemite University. In 2003; he was appointed as the Chemistry Department chairman in Yarmouk University; in 2004, he was the vice dean for the Graduate Studies and Scientific Research faculty - Yarmouk University. Shortly after that; Prof. Tashtoush became the dean of the Science faculty for four consecutive years. Prof. Tashtoush also served as the dean of the Science faculty in Al Al-Bayt University for two years; then he was the dean of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research at the same university in 2010.2011 academic year. Right now; Prof. Tashtoush​ is devoted Professor in the Chemistry department and a member of several councils and research and administrative committees and being the Vice president of the Trustees Council of Jerash University since 2009.  




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