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Multi-class Multi-label Classification and Detection of Lumbar Intervertebral Disc Degeneration MR Images using Decision Tree ClassifiersIsam Abu-QasmiehJournal of Computer Engineering and Intelligent SystemsVol.4, No.9, 33-382013
On the concentration and wavelength dependence of the degree of polarization in magnetic fluidsN.A. Yusuf, I. Qasmieh, H. Abu-SafiaJournal of Magnetism and Magnetic MaterialsVol. 166, Issue 3, Pages 374–380ScienceDirect1997
Weight estimation for anesthetic administration using singular value decomposition and template matching for supine subject of different obesity levelsAl-Quran H., Abu-Qasmieh I., Khresat S., Younes A., Almomani S.Health and Technology8,4: 265–269Springer2018
Unrestricted LR detection for biomedical applications using coarse-to-fine hierarchical approachIsam Abu-Qasmieh, Hiam Al-Quran IET Image Processing12,9: 1639–1645IET Digital Library2018
Novel and Efficient Approach for Automated Separation, Segmentation, and Detection of Overlapped Elliptical Red Blood CellsIsam Abu-Qasmieh Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis4,28: 790–802Springer2018
Gender considerations in optimizing usability design of hand-tool by testing hand stress using sEMG signal analysisOdah, E., Abu-Qasmieh, I., Al_khateeb, N., Al_matalbeh, E., Qura'an, S., Mohammad, M., & Alqudah, A. M.Alexandria Engineering Journal57,4: 1-5Elsevier 2018
Employing Image Processing Techniques and Artificial Intelligence for Automated Eye Diagnosis Using Digital Eye Fundus ImagesAlqudah, A. M., Alquraan, H., Abu-Qasmieh, I., & Al-Badarneh, A. Journal of Biomimetics, Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering39: 40-56Scientific.Net2018
Segmented and non-segmented skin lesions classification using transfer learning and adaptive moment learning rate technique using pretrained convolutional neural networkAlqudah, Ali Mohammad, Hiam Alquraan, and Isam Abu QasmiehJournal of biomimetics, biomaterials and biomedical engineeringvol. 42, 67-78Scientific.Net2019
Developing of robust and high accurate ECG beat classification by combining Gaussian mixtures and wavelets featuresAlqudah, Ali Mohammad, Alaa Albadarneh, Isam Abu-Qasmieh, and Hiam AlquranAustralasian physical & engineering sciences in medicine 42, no. 1, 149-157Springer Nature2019
ECG classification using higher order spectral estimation and deep learning techniquesAlquran, Hiam, Ali Mohammad Alqudah, Isam Abu-Qasmieh, Alaa Al-Badarneh, and Sami AlmashaqbehNeural Network World29, no. 4, 207-219Neural Network World2019
Automated measurements of lumbar lordosis in T2-MR images using decision tree classifier and morphological image processingMasad, Ihssan S., Amjed Al-Fahoum, and Isam Abu-QasmiehEngineering Science and Technology22, no. 4,1027-1034Elsevier2019
COVID-19 detection from x-ray images using different artificial intelligence hybrid modelsAlqudah, Ali Mohammad, Shoroq Qazan, Hiam Alquran, Isam Abu Qasmieh, and Amin Alqudah. Jordan Journal of Electrical Engineering6, no. 2, 168-178Tafila Technical University (TTU)2020
Brain tumor classification using deep learning technique--a comparison between cropped, uncropped, and segmented lesion images with different sizesAlqudah, Ali Mohammad, Hiam Alquraan, Isam Abu Qasmieh, Amin Alqudah, and Wafaa Al-Sharu. International Journal of Advanced Trends in Computer Science and Engineering8, no.6, 3684-3691WARSE2020
Triad system for object's 3D localization using low-resolution 2D ultrasonic sensor arrayAbu-Qasmieh, Isam, and Ali Mohammad AlqudahInternational Review of Applied Sciences and Engineering 11, no. 2, 115-122AKJournals2020
Classification of heart sound short records using bispectrum analysis approach images and deep learningAlqudah, A. M., H. Alquran, and I. A. QasmiehNetwork Modeling Analysis in Health Informatics and Bioinformatics9 (1), 1-16Springer Nature2020
Mechanical Properties of Translucent Concrete Using Plexiglass Bars and FiberglassEdris, Walid Fouad, Essam Odah, Isam Abu-Qasmieh, and Amany Hendy. Civil Engineering and Architecture 9, no. 2, 293-300Horizon Research Publishing (HRPUB)2021
ECG heartbeat arrhythmias classification: a comparison study between different types of spectrum representation and convolutional neural networks architecturesAlqudah, Ali Mohammad, Shoroq Qazan, Lina Al-Ebbini, Hiam Alquran, and Isam Abu QasmiehJournal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing1-31Springer2021
Employing texture features of chest x-ray images and machine learning in covid-19 detection and classificationAlquran, Hiam, Mohammad Alsleti, Roaa Alsharif, Isam Abu Qasmieh, Ali Mohammad Alqudah, and Nor Hazlyna Binti HarunMendelvol. 27, no. 1, 9-17BRNO UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY2021
Occluded iris classification and segmentation using self-customized artificial intelligence models and iterative randomized Hough transformQasmieh, Isam Abu, Hiam Alquran, and Ali Mohammad AlqudahInternational Journal of Electrical & Computer Engineering 11(5), 4037-4049Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science (IAES)2021
Three-dimensional kidney's stones segmentation and chemical composition detectionAlquran, Hiam, Mohammed Alslity, Isam Abu Qasmieh, Khaled Z. Alawneh, Ali Mohammad Alqudah, Ahmed Al-Rasheed, and Mohammed Al-HawariInternational Journal of Electrical & Computer Engineering 11, no. 5, 3988-3995Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science (IAES)2021
Semi‐automatic reconstruction of object lines using a smartphone’s dual cameraAldelgawy, Mohammed, and Isam Abu‐QasmiehThe Photogrammetric Record 36.176, 381-401Wiley Online Library2021
Semi-automated spine and intervertebral disk detection and segmentation from whole spine MR imagesBadarneh, Alaa, Isam Abu-Qasmeih, Mwaffaq Otoom, and Mohammad A. Alzubaidi. Informatics in Medicine Unlocked27, 100810Elsevier2021
Calibration of smartphone’s rear dual camera systemAldelgawy, Mohammed, and Isam Abu-QasmiehGeodesy and Cartography 47.4, 162-169Taylor & Francis2021
PneumoniaNet: Automated Detection and Classification of Pediatric Pneumonia Using Chest X-ray Images and CNN ApproachAlsharif, Roaa, Yazan Al-Issa, Ali Mohammad Alqudah, Isam Abu Qasmieh, Wan Azani Mustafa, and Hiam AlquranElectronics 10, no. 23, 2949MPDI2021
Cervical Cancer Classification Using Combined Machine Learning and Deep Learning ApproachAlquran, Hiam, Wan Azani Mustafa, Isam Abu Qasmieh, Yasmeen Mohd Yacob, Mohammed Alsalatie, Yazan Al-Issa, and Ali Mohammad AlqudahCMC-Computers, Materials & Continua72(3):5117-5134Tech Science Press2022
Intelligent Diagnosis and Classification of KeratitisAlquran, H., Al-Issa, Y., Alsalatie, M., Mustafa, W. A., Qasmieh, I. A., & Zyout, A. A.Diagnostics12(6), 1344MDPI2022
Generation of Synthetic-Pseudo MR Images from Real CT ImagesAbu-Qasmieh, I. F., Masad, I. S., Al-Quran, H. H., & Alawneh, K. Z.Tomography8, no. 3 (2022): 1244-1259MDPI2022
Automated Detection of Corneal Ulcer Using Combination Image Processing and Deep LearningQasmieh, I. A., Alquran, H., Zyout, A., Al-Issa, Y., Mustafa, W. A., & Alsalatie, M.Diagnostics12(12), 3204MDPI2022