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Multi-class Multi-label Classification and Detection of Lumbar Intervertebral Disc Degeneration MR Images using Decision Tree ClassifiersIsam Abu-QasmiehJournal of Computer Engineering and Intelligent SystemsVol.4, No.9, 33-382013
On the concentration and wavelength dependence of the degree of polarization in magnetic fluidsN.A. Yusuf, I. Qasmieh, H. Abu-SafiaJournal of Magnetism and Magnetic MaterialsVol. 166, Issue 3, Pages 374–380ScienceDirect1997
Weight estimation for anesthetic administration using singular value decomposition and template matching for supine subject of different obesity levelsAl-Quran H., Abu-Qasmieh I., Khresat S., Younes A., Almomani S.Health and Technology8,4: 265–269Springer2018
Unrestricted LR detection for biomedical applications using coarse-to-fine hierarchical approachIsam Abu-Qasmieh, Hiam Al-Quran IET Image Processing12,9: 1639–1645IET Digital Library2018
Novel and Efficient Approach for Automated Separation, Segmentation, and Detection of Overlapped Elliptical Red Blood CellsIsam Abu-Qasmieh Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis4,28: 790–802Springer2018
Gender considerations in optimizing usability design of hand-tool by testing hand stress using sEMG signal analysisOdah, E., Abu-Qasmieh, I., Al_khateeb, N., Al_matalbeh, E., Qura'an, S., Mohammad, M., & Alqudah, A. M.Alexandria Engineering Journal57,4: 1-5Elsevier 2018
Employing Image Processing Techniques and Artificial Intelligence for Automated Eye Diagnosis Using Digital Eye Fundus ImagesAlqudah, A. M., Alquraan, H., Abu-Qasmieh, I., & Al-Badarneh, A. Journal of Biomimetics, Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering39: 40-56Scientific.Net2018