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Fabrication, performance and parasitic parameter extraction of 850 nm high-speed vertical-cavity lasersN. AL-Omari, I. AL-Kofahi and K. L. LearSemiconductor Science and TechnologyVol. 24, 095024 (8pp)IOP Publishing2009
Design of Power-Line Communication System (PLC) Using a PIC MicrocontrollerQ. Al-Zobi, I. Al-Tawil, K. Gharaibeh and I. S. Al-KofahiJ. of Active and Passive Electronic DevicesVol. 3, pp. 331-340 Old City Publishing2008
Theoretical Analysis of a Non-homogeneous in Non-identical Optical Directional Coupler with Electrical ControlAbdullah Ijjeh., Mohammad Omari, Ahmad N. Al-Omari, and Idrees S. Al-KofahiJ. of Active and Passive Electronic DevicesVol. 3, pp. 323-329 Old City Publishing2008
Minimization of Bending loss in Materials for Integrated OpticsMohammad Omari, Abdullah Ijjeh and Idrees S. Al-KofahiJ. of Active and Passive Electronic DevicesVol. 3, pp. 223-230 Old City Publishing2008
Trapped holes effect on slow state generation after substrate hole injection in pMOSFETsIdrees S Al-kofahiJ. of Active and Passive Electronic DevicesVol. 3, pp. 153–163 Old City Publishing2008
Electron Trap Generation in n-MOSFETs Under Low Field Electrons Injection,Idrees S Al-kofahiJ. of Active and Passive Electronic DevicesVol. 2, pp. 43-53 Old City Publishing2006
Genetic Algorithm Based Performance Analysis of Self-Excited Induction GeneratorY. N. Anagreh and I. S. Al-KofahiInternational Journal of Modelling and SimulationVol. 26, pp. 175-179ACTA Press2006
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Investigating Current Density Dependence Of Oxide Trap Charging In NMOSFETs During Substrate Electrons Injection: A Genetic Algorithm ApproachIdrees S Al-kofahiJournal of Electron DevicesVol. 17 pp. 1433-1438Euro-Mediterranean Institute for Sustainable Development2013
Theoretical And Experimental Investigation Of Fiber Loss And Dispersion Effects In Optical NetworksSuliman M. Abu–Gazleh, Ali A. Eyadeh, Idrees S. Al-kofahi and Qusai A. QuranJournal of Electron DevicesVol. 18, pp. 1524-1530Euro-Mediterranean Institute for Sustainable Development2013
A High-Gain Low Noise Amplifier for RFID Front-Ends ReaderZaidAlbataineha, YazanHamadeh, JafarMoheidat, Ahmad Dagamseh, Idrees Al-Kofahi, Mohammed AlsumadyJordan Journal of Electrical EngineeringVol. 3, pp. 65-74Scientific Research and Innovation Support Fund, Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in cooperation with Tafila Technical University, Jordan2017
Optical characterization of sputtered aluminum nitride thin films – correlating refractive index with degree of c-axis orientationA. Ababneh , Z. Albataineh , A. M. K. Dagamseh , I.S.Al-kofahi , B. Schäfer , T. Zengerle,K. Bauer and H. SeidelThin Solid FilmsVol. 693, 137701Elsevier2020
The narrowband tunable Radio Frequency (RF) power amplifier with High-Efficiency at 2.4 GHz FrequencyIdrees S. Al-Kofahi, ZaidAlbataineh, MamounTantawi  and Ahmad DagamsehInternational Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering ResearchVol. 8, pp.763-768World Academy of Research in Science and Engineering2020