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β- Hydroxy- β- Methylbutyrate Did Not Enhance High Intensity Resistance Training- Induced Improvements in Myofiber dimensions and Myogenic Capacity in Aged Female RatsKim, J.S.; Park, Y.M.; Lee, S.R.; Masad, I.S.; Khamoui, A.V.; Jo, E.; Park, B.S.; Arjmandi, B.H.; Panton, L.B.; Lee, W.J.; and Grant, S.C.Molecules and Cells 34 (5): 439–4482012
A volume birdcage coil with an adjustable sliding tuner ring for neuroimaging in high field vertical magnets: ex and in vivo applications at 21.1 TQian, C.; Masad, I.S.; Rosenberg, J.T. ; Elumalai, M. ; Brey, W.W. ; Grant, S.C. and Gor'kov, P.L.J. Mag. Reson. 221: 110–116 2012
Beta-hydroxy-beta-methyl-butyrate attenuate age-related impairments in body composition, functionality and myofiber dimensions in Fisher 344 ratsWilson, J.M.; Grant, S.C.; Lee, S.R.; Masad, I.S.; Park, Y.M.; Henning, P.C.; Stout, J.R.; Loenneke, J.P.; Arjmandi, B.H.; Panton, L.B. and Kim, J.S.JISSN 9 (1): 182012
A retunable surface coil for high field 31P and 1H magnetic resonance evaluations of the living mouse legMasad, I.S. and Grant, S.C.Physiol. Meas. 32 (8): 1061–1081 2011
Effects of B-hydroxy-B-methylbutyrate (HMB) on Myofiber Dimensions and Myogenic Capacity in Young and Old Fisher 344 RatsWilson, J.M., Lee, S.R., Grant, S.C., Henning, P.C., Masad, I.S., Park, Y.M., Leonard, K.P., Rathmacher, J.A., Zourdos, M, Panton, L.B. and Kim, J.S.Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise43 (5): 850 2011
Chronic methamphetamine effects on brain structure and function in ratsThanos, P.K., Kim, R., Delis, F., Ananth, M., Chachati, G., Rocco, M.J., Masad, I., Muniz, J.A., Grant, S.C., Gold, M.S., Cadet, J.L., and Volkow, N.D.PLOS ONE6 (11): 1-182016
Automated measurements of lumbar lordosis in T2-MR images using decision tree classifier and morphological image processingMasad, I.S., Al-Fahoum, A., and Abu-Qasmieh, I. JESTECH22 (4): 1027–10342019
Spinal curvature and lower extremities kinematics of simulated pregnancy during stair ascending and descendingMasad, I.S., Almashaqbeh, S., Smadi, O., Abu Olaim, M., and Obeid, A.JBBBE41: 11–222019
The Influence of Carrying Anterior Load on the Sagittal and Frontal Plane Kinematics of Lower Extremities during Stair AscendingSmadi, O.; Abu Olaim, M.; Masad, I.S.; and Almashaqbeh, S.J. Biomed. Phys. Eng11 (1): 93–1022021