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Adsorption of ferric ion onto defatted seeds of cypress tree: Equilibrium and kinetic studiesM. A Al-Anber, Z Al-Anber, I Al-MomaniBiointerface Research in Applied Chemistry 6 (2), pp1157-11652016
Partitioning of Trace Metals in Sediments from the Mediterranean Coastal Zone of Ajdabia to Benghazi, Libya: Case Study‏Safwan M. Obeidat, R. Othman,  Idrees F. Al-MomaniJordan Journal of Chemistry11 (4), 247-2582016
Influence of Different Heating Systems on the Bioavailable Fractions of Some Elements in House DustI. F. Al-Momani, A. S. Attiyat, R. M. Al-MomaniJordan Journal of Chemistry 10(3), 194-2042015
Cooperative binding of Cadmium(II) on PVA-Bentonite complex in waterK. Abu-Sbeih, M. Salman, I. Al-Momani, B. El-EswedDer Chemica Sinica6(4):11-172015
Evaluation of Residual Amounts of Persistent Organic Pollutants and Traces of Heavy Metals in King Talal DamFuad, A. Ababneh, Idrees, F. Al-MomaniRes. J. Pharm. Bio. Chem. Sci.5(5), pp 1121-11282014
Study of fuel assessment and adulteration using EEMF‎ and Multi-way PCAS. M. Obeidat, M. M. Al-Ktash, I. F. Al-MomaniEnergy & Fuels28, 4889-48942014
The performance of Defatted Jojoba Seeds for the removal of toxic high concentration of the aqueous ferric ionM. A. Al-Anber , Z. A. Al-Anber, I. F. Al-Momani, and Q. Abu-SalemDesalination and Water Treatment52 (1-3), 20142014
Levels of mercury, cadmium, lead and other selected elements in canned tuna fish commercialised in JordanF. A. Ababneh, I. F. Al-MomaniInternational Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry93(7)2013
Lead in medicinal plants from JordanA. Alomary, E. El Jamal, I. Al-Momani, A. Attiyat and S. ObeidatEnviron.  Chem.  Lett.  11:55–632013
Evaluation of Allergenic Metals and Other Trace Elements in Personal Care ProductsF. A. Ababneh, K. A. Abu-Sbeih and I. F. Al-MomaniJordan Journal of Chemistry 8(3)2013
Levels of lead, cadmium, copper, iron, and zinc in deciduous teeth of children living in Irbid, Jordan by ICP-OES: some factors affecting their concentrationsA. Alomary, I. F. Al-Momani, S. M. Obeidat and A. M. MassadehEnviron. Monit. Assess.185:3283–32952013
Identification of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Air Samples from Zarqa City, Jordan, Using High Resolution Laser Excited Luminescence Spectroscopy Combined with Shpolskii Matrix TechniqueY. A. Yousef, A. A. Alomary, A. Shwayat, I. F. AlmomaniJordan Journal of Chemistry 7(3)2012
A comparison of SEM-EDS with ICP-OES for the Quantitative Elemental Determination of Algerian Mediterranean Sea SedimentsA. Alomary, S. Belhadj, S. Obeidat, I. Al-Momani, A. AttiyatJordan Journal of Chemistry 7(4)2012
Monitoring of Selenium Concentrations in Major Springs of Yarmouk Basin, North JordanA. Al-Taani, A. Batayneh, N. El-Radaideh, I. Al-Momani and A. RawabdehWorld Applied Sciences Journal 18(5)2012
Levels of lead, cadmium, copper, iron, and zinc in deciduous teeth of children living in Irbid, Jordan by ICP-OES: some factors affecting their concentrationsA Alomary, IF Al-Momani, SM Obeidat, AM MassadehEnvironmental Monitoring and Assessment1-132012
Levels of mercury, cadmium, lead and other selected elements in canned tuna fish commercialized in JordanF. A. Ababneh, I. F.  Al-MomaniInternational Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry1-122012
Assessment of Water Quality in Four Main Water Reservoirs in Northern JordanSM Obeidat, A Alomary, W Sekhaneh, I. F. Al-momani, A. J. HamidInternational Journal of Chemistry 3 (2), p792011
Combination of ICP-OES, XRF and XRD techniques for analysis of several dental ceramics and their identification using chemometricsSM Obeidat, I Al-Momani, A Haddad, M Bani YaseinSpectroscopy: An International Journal 26 (2), 141-1492011
Simultaneous Spectrophotometric Determination of Iron (II) and Total Iron Using Flow Injection AnalysisAS Attiyat, IF Al-Momani, MA MoussaABHATH AL-YARMOUK672011
Simultaneous determination of Cd, Pb, Cu, Zn, and Se in human blood of Jordanian smokers by ICP-OESA Massadeh, A Gharibeh, K Omari, I Al-Momani, A Alomari, H Tumah, W HayajnehBiological trace element research133 (1), 1-112010
Decontamination and adsorption modelling of aqueous Co+2 and Pb+2 ions using natural inorganic materials: Tripoli (NT) and Bentonite (NB)AL-Ghezawi, N., Al-Anber, M. A., Al-Anber, Z. A., El-Hasan, T., Al-Momani I. F.Desalination and Water Treatment24(1-3), 336-3432010
Validation of HPLC and FIA Spectrophotometric Methods for the Determination of Lansoprazole in Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms and Human PlasmaAl-Momani I. F., Rababah R. H.American Journal of Analytical Chemistry1, 34-392010
Chemical Characterization and Source Determination of Trace Elements in PM2.5 and PM10 from an Urban Area, Northern JordanIdrees F. Al-Momani, Wisam M. ShatnawiInternational Journal of Environmental Monitoring and Analysis5(4): 103-108Science Publishimg Group2017
Automated Flow Injection Spectrophotometric Determination of the Proton Pump Inhibitor Omeprazole in Pharmaceutical FormulationsIdrees F. Al-Momani, Majdoleen H. RababahInternational Journal of Pharmacy and Chemistry2017
Assessments of toxic heavy metals contamination in cosmetic productsFuad A. Ababneh & Idrees F. Al-MomaniEnvironmental ForensicsVOL. 19, NO. 2, 134–142Taylor & Francis Group2018
Assessment of toxic and essential heavy metals in imported dried fruits sold in the local markets of JordanAyat Allah” Al-Massaedh , Ahmad Gharaibeh, Samah Radaydeh, Idrees Al-MomaniEuropean Journal of Chemistry9 (4) - 394-3992018
Sorption and removal aqueous iron(III) ion by tris(2-aminoethyl)amine moiety functionalized silica gelM. A. Zaitoun, Mohammed A. Al-Anber & Idrees F. Al MomaniInternational Journal of Environmental Analytical ChemistryTaylor & Francis Group2019
Capparis Aegyptia as a green inhibitor for aluminum corrosion in alkaline mediaM.A. Al-Qudah,* H.G. AL-Keifi, I.F. Al-Momani and S.T. Abu-OrabiInt. J. Corros. Scale Inhib. 9, no. 1, 201–2182019