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Assessment of Heavy Metal Pollution in Topsoil and Plants Around Steel Smelting Industry in Mafraq ,JordanImmad Khlid Al-Shradqah 2015Not Published
Heavy Metal contamination of Soil in the Vicinity of the Bromine industrial Complex, Southern JordanAida Abu Baker 2015Not Published
Study of fuel assessment and adulteration using EEMF‎ and Multi-way PCAMuhammad Al-Ktash2014Published
Assessment of Heavy Metal Accumulation in Wastewater irrigated Soil in irbid, JordanAmna Ehtewy Saad 2013Not Published
Relationship between Air Mass Back Trajectories and Levels of Pollutants In The Fine Particle Fraction In Ajlune Air, JordanManal Tastoush 2012Not Published
Influence of Different Heating Systems on the Levels of Inorganic Pollutants in the House DustsRana Al-Momani 2011Published
Development of A new FIA Method for the Determination of Some CephalosporinsMohammad Thaljii2011Not Published
Determination of trace metals and some anions in size fractionated Aerosol particles from Northern Jordan Malik Sabbagh 2011Not Published
Trace Elements in Daily Collected Aerosols at Yarmouk University, Irbid – Northern JordanWesam Shatnawi 2010Published
Partitioning of Trace Metals in the Sediments from the Mediterranean Costal Zone of Ajdabia, LibyaRebh Amousa 2013Published
Atmospheric Deposition of Trace and Major Elements at a Rural Site in Northern JordanMohammad Ananbeh  2010Not Published