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Assume Your Product is Bad: Teaching Graphic Design in JordanInas AlkholyInternational Journal of Multidisciplinary Thoughts Vol.1, Issue 42011
Is the Reception of Emotional Expression in Visual Art Global?Inas AlkholyInternational Journal of Humanities Vol.7, Issue 32009
Time in Vermeer’s Life and Art As Demonstrated in His Milkmaid and LacemakerInas AlkholyJordanian Art Journal Vol. 1, December 2008
Using Hypermedia for Teaching Baroque Interior Design As Seen in Dutch PaintingsInas AlkholyInternational Journal on Emerging Technologies in LearningVol. 5, No. 32010
The Atrocity of Wars: Expression of Victory and Defeat, Art as Documentation and PropagationInas AlkholyInternational Journal of HumanitiesVol. 6, Issue 3, October2008
A Middle Eastern Re-reading of Western Narrative ArtInas AlkholyThird Text, RoutledgeVol. 22, Issue 4, July2008
The Presence of the Book of Knowledge in Raphael's Fresco: The School of AthensInas AlkholyComparative Islamic Studies, EquinoxVol 2, No 12006
Dialectic Between the Styles: Gautier's Poem and Couture's PaintingInas AlkholyAbhath al-Yarmouk Vol. 19, No. 2B2003
The Development of the Formal Relation Between Sculpture and Architecture: Classicizing Elements in the Humanistic Leonardo Bruni's TombInas AlkholyAbhath al-Yarmouk Vol.18, No. 2B2002
The Picturesque Landscape in Baroque Painting and MusicInas AlkholyArt & Sciene: Research StudiesVol. 12, No. 2, April2000
The Influence of Euclid's Music Theory on Raphael's Architectural Background of The School of AthensInas AlkholyArts & Science: Research StudiesVol. 11, No. 1, January 1999