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Phys. 100 - Fundamentals of Astronomy (3 credit hrs.)
Ancient astronomy, modern astronomy, astronomical equipments. The earth: motions,
composition and atmosphere, locating places on earth, the celestial coordinates, view of the
sky from different places, the movements of the sun, the movements of the moon, lunar and
solar eclipse, tides, the solar system, calendars and time, time and date transformation, prayer
time. The universe: creation, development, and fate.
several years
Phys. 101 - General Physics (1) (Mechanics) (3 credit hrs.)
Measurement and system of units, vectors, motion in one and two dimensions, particle
dynamics and Newton's laws of motion, work and energy, conservation of energy, dynamics
of system of particles, center of mass, conservation of linear momentum, collisions, impulse,
rotational kinematics, rotational dynamics, conservation of angular momentum, elasticity,
Phys. 102 - General Physics (2) (Electricity and Magnetism) (3 credit hrs.)
Charge and matter, electric field, gauss's law, electric potential, capacitors and dielectrics,
current and resistance, electromotive force and circuits, the magnetic field, ampere's law,
faraday's law of induction, Maxwell's equations; magnetic properties of matter, A.C. circuits.
Phys. 103 – General Physics (3) (Waves and Light) (3 credit hrs).
Mechanical oscillations, electromagnetic oscillations, LC Circuits, transverse and longitudinal
waves, electromagnetic waves and polarization, interference, diffraction
Phys. 201 - Methods of Theoretical Physics (1) (3 credit hrs).

Vector analysis, curvilinear coordinates, complex numbers, determinants and matrices, first
and second order differential equations, Fourier series
Phys. 202 - Astronomy (1) (3 credit hrs).

Nature of astronomy, historical background, Light and electromagnetic radiation, Telescopes
and observatories, The solar system (The Sun, The earth and its moon, Other planets).
Phys. 227 - Electronics Laboratory (1 credit hrs., 3 exp).

Experiments on semi-conductors, transistors, voltage regulators and filters, rectifiers,
amplifiers, timers, and wave form generators.
Phys. 235 - Electronics (I) (3 credit hrs).
D.C Circuits, A.C circuits, Semiconductors, Diode Theory, Diode Circuits and Special
Purpose diodes. Bipolar Transistors, Transistor Fundamentals and Transistor Biasing, Voltage
amplifier, Power Amplifiers, Field Effect Transistors and Circuits, Op-Amp Theory, Op-Amp
circuits and Applications, Oscillators, The 555 Timer.
Phys. 251 - Modern Physics (1) (3 credit hrs).
Theory of special relativity, dual property of light and particles, atomic structure, Schrödinger
equation and some application, ideal hydrogen atom.
Phys. 253 - Modem Physics (2) (3 credit hrs).
This course includes basic concepts about topics in modern physics in the following fields:
many electron atoms, molecular structure, solid state, nuclear Physics and elementary
Phys. 281A - Geometrical Optics (2 credit hrs).
Reflection and refraction at plane surfaces, mirrors and Lenses, image formation applications,
aberrations, (types of aberrations), matrix algebra in optics, prisms (types of prisms) &
dispersion of light by prisms, optical fibers (definition and types, applications), Radiometry,
photometry, radiance and irradiance, luminescence instrumentation, speed of light
measurement by astronomical and terrestrial methods.
Phys. 282 - Vibrations and Waves (3 credit hrs).
Forced and coupled Oscillations, motion of longitudinal waves, transverse wave in
transmission lines, electromagnetic waves, wave motion in 2-dimensions or more,
Fourier method, diffraction and interference.
Phys. 352 - Quantum Mechanics (1) (3 credit hrs).
Wave packets and the uncertainty relations, Schrödinger equation, eigenfunctions and
eigenvalues, potentials in one-dimension, structure of wave mechanics, operator methods in
Q.M., Schrödinger equation, in three dimensions, angular momentum, Ideal hydrogen atom.
Phys. 471 - Solid State Physics (1) (3 credit hrs).
Crystal structure and binding energy, diffraction in crystals, reciprocal lattice and vibrations, phonons and specific heat, free electron model and energy band theory.
Phys. 481 - Physical Optics (3 credit hrs).
Brief history of optics, mathematics of wave motion, electromagnetic theory of light, Fresnel
coefficients, optics of thin films, polarization, nature of polarized light, polarizer's, diachronism, birefringence, retarders, faraday rotation, Kerr effect, optical activity, john
matrices, interference of two beams, interference of more than two beams, Mich.
interferometer, Fabry-Perot interferometer, diffraction, theory of diffraction, diffraction from
slits and apertures, diffraction gratings.
Phys. 621 Advanced Lab. (3 credit hrs). post graduate course
This course incudes spectroscopic techniques, SEM and TEM electron microscopy.