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AttachmentBA 426
This course focuses on knowledge as the most valuable resource of the firm. It focuses also on how knowledge is created, captured, stored and disseminated for use and reused so as to leverage the intellectual capital of the firm. Knowledge can be managed through different processes and further shared, exchanged and transformed to a specific organizational context. This course will present strategies and models of knowledge and knowledge management. In addition to tools and techniques of knowledge management when applied to real worlds practice. It is expected that students will be able to understand the nature of knowledge in organizations and to apply it in different organizational context.
BA 320
The focus of the course is to provide students with the computer skills to meet essential business career demands. The course will cover an introduction to computers and information systems. In addition the goal of the course is to learn basic skills in the windows operating system, internet essentials and Microsoft office.
BA 638
This course will develop an advanced framework for information technology and systems. It will further explore how systems that support the business functions of the organization are integrated aiding the manager with decision-making responsibilities within the operational, tactical, and strategic hierarchy of the company. Underlying the examination of various organizational information systems will be an exploration of emerging technologies that drive these systems. Moreover, this course provides the student with the skills necessary to effectively understand and use information technology and shows how information technology provides organizations with a strategic competitive advantage.
BA 636
This course is intended to be a survey of the operating practices and procedures found in both manufacturing and service delivery firms. The course focuses on those business strategies, processes and procedures used to transform various inputs into finished goods and services. The course develops a managerial perspective of the operations function and an appreciation of the role that operations plays in creating and maintaining a firm’s competitive edge. This course focuses on the systematic planning, design, and operations of all processes required for the production of goods and delivery of services.
BAEL 630