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Rejuvenating competitive advantage through Information technology and knowledge management: The mediating role of qualityفارع بني ملحمإدارة الأعمال2022Not Published
The Influence of Integrating Supply Chain Management and Total Quality Management practices on competitive advantageمحمد قاسم جراداتإدارة الأعمال2022Not Published
The mediating effect of customer relationship management on knowledge management and organizational learningفرح عبدالله خالد الخالديإدارة الأعمال2022Not Published
The mediating effect of big data on intellectual capital and KM in healthcare sectorيارا محمد سلطي الشلولإدارة الأعمال2022Not Published
The influence of emotional intelligence on leadership styles: A profile of executives in ASEZA organizationايناس علي المومنيإدارة الأعمال2019Published
The Influence of Knowledge Management Capabilities on Supply Chain Management Practices: - The Mediating Role of Innovationأسامة احمد محمود المومنيإدارة الأعمال2021Not Published
The Influence of  Knowledge Management on Work Attitudes: The Mediating Role of Motivation Factorsتقى أحمد عقيلإدارة الأعمال2021Not Published
Impact of Knowledge management balanced scorecard on organizational performance: An Empirical Studyرولا حربإدارة الأعمال2014Not Published
Measuring the impact of IT- BSC in financial performance system: Empirical study in Jordanian banking sector.أحلام الضاهرعلوم مالية ومصرفية2008Published
The Impact of Intellectual Capital on the Performance of Jordan Telecom Group (JTG)زياد قوقزةإدارة الأعمال2011Not Published
Motives and Influences of Using Electronic Human Resources Management Systemعماد الكاهليإدارة الأعمال2012Not Published
A redesign of Emergency Department: The Case of Princes Basma Teaching Hospital. تسنيم الصماديإدارة الأعمال2012Not Published