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Welcome to my site 

Dr. Abed Al-Fatah Karasneh
Professor of Knowledge Management
Department of Business Administration
Yarmouk University
Materials for personal, professional, and academic development are posted on the website.  These materials will be available to you and updated material will be added throughout the course. Reviewing this material is necessary for your success in the course you are taking.  I will provide guidelines about how to use and interpret this information that should help your progress in your course.
My objective is the same as always:
1. I want you to feel comfortable, supported, and motivated to succeed.
2. I want you to put your fears and anxieties aside and open yourself to immersing yourself in the educational experience, enjoy it, and have fun while doing so.
 3. From an educational point of view, I want you to gain valuable knowledge and experiences from the course materials and assignments so that you will be able to leverage what you have learned in your present and future careers.
 4. I want each and every one of you to realize your goals of obtaining a college degree and enjoy all the benefits it will bring to you throughout your career and lifetime.
If I succeed in accomplishing these 4 objectives then I am blessed with the opportunity to be a small part of your present and future success. I thank each of you for your commitment and sacrifice to pursue your degree, firm in the belief that your lives and careers will be rewarded as a result of your efforts.
My best



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