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Study of various electronic excited state phenomena of various molecular systems (polar, flexible polar and nonpolar) in solutions, polymers and macromolecular assemblies like cyclodextrines, using various optical absorption an
1. Investigate the role of solvents polarities, polymers viscosities and cyclodextrin cavity sizes on the fluorescence properties of molecules undergoing large changes (torsional, dipole moment and twisting) during the excited state life time. The photo-induced electronic processes can be used to probe various materials which have importance in the present and future technology. In this regard, I carried research at various international laboratories (USA, Germany, Japan, Poland, United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia) beside research at our photochemistry laboratory equipped with most recent instruments. Fifteeen (15) master students already graduate working on various ideas and 2 are handling new projects.

2. Use fluorescence spectroscopy as a quality control to characterize olive oil and other edible oils used mainly in our food. Our goal was to establish a fluorescence landscape (finger-print) for various oils which are of importance in oil technology. In these regards six (6) master students already graduated working on olive oil project. Moreover one (1) master student graduated doing research on olive leaves. We were able to extract various components, mainly oleuropein which is found to be anti cancer chemical.

3. Use fluorescence spectroscopy as a quality control and method to characterize honey produced in Jordan and honey exported from other countries. One (1) master student already graduated working on honey.
4. Two (2) master students will be doing research on various ideas.