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Soil Mechanics
3 Credit Hours
Composition and structure of soils, Phase relations and index properties,    soil classification, soil compaction, principle of effective stress, stresses due to self-weight, stresses due to applied loads, soil permeability, seepage: one and two dimensional, flow net, consolidation theory and consolidation settlement analysis: immediate and consolidation settlement, secondary compression, shear strength of soils (introductory).
Surveying Lab
1 Credit Hour
Linear/chain surveying, the use of the level and leveling staff; setting out levels; profile and cross-section leveling. The theodolite and its use in traverse surveying. Measurement of areas with planimeter. The use of laser theodolite and levels.
Transportation Engineering
3 Credit Hours
The field of transportation engineering; role of transportation in society economics; social; political; and environmental. Operation and vehicular characteristics for all modes of transportation. Traffic control devices; pavement markings; object marking; delineators; studs; signs; and channelization; introduction to traffic signal timings. Rail transportation; Urban rail transit; railway cross section; Urban rail transit. Air transport demand, selection of airport site and runway orientation; airport passenger terminal area. Water transportation including marine structures, and planning and design of port facilities.