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Promoting border areas for developmental ecotourism: A case study of Al-Adaseya, Jordan.Darabseh, F., Kanaan, K., Hailat, K., & Hussein, F. African Journal of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure8(3), 1-16.2019
Stakeholder approach and the impact of brand image within higher education in the Middle East: Student and staff perspective. Journal of Public Affairs, 21(1), e1941.Hailat, K. Q., Alshreef, A. A., Azzam, I. A., & Darabseh, F. Journal of Public Affairs21(1), e1941.Wiley2019
An investigation of the push–pull factors influencing student selection of higher education: The case of Arabian Gulf students in the UK. Journal of Public Affairs, e2657.Hailat KQ, Alsmadi S, Nassar M, Chung SB.Journal of Public Affairse2657. https://doi.oWiley2021
Reforming policy roles in the Jordanian policy‐making processTbaishat, R., Rawabdeh, A., Hailat, K. Q., A Aladwan, S., Al Balas, S., & Al Ajlouny, M. I. Journal of Public Affairs 19(1), e1886.Wiley2019
The influence of consumer misbehaviour on the perceived brand image of Jordanian Higher Education Institutions Hailat, K. Q. (Doctoral dissertationUniversity of Salford2016
Neuromarketing: Improved Understanding of Consumer Behavior Through Brain-Based Neuro activityAlsmadi, Sami and Hailat, Khaled Journal of Information & Knowledge Management20,  (9 pages) World Scienti¯c Publishing Co. DOI: 10.1142/S02196492215002092021