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MKT 324 Products Management
Course Description

This course provides students with an in-depth understanding of innovation and new product development using a management framework. It focuses on how to create value and growth through innovation in new and existing markets. Students will explore the concepts, methods and tools on how to organize and manage innovation process with the objective to better control cost and risk, examine the process of developing new products and many of the new product management issues faced by companies. Plenty of case studies will be discussed to help students to better understand the successes and failures in innovation and new product development, ultimately, to improve the chance of success.
MKT 210 Principles of Marketing
Course Description

This course presents an overview of the nature and scope of the marketing function and the environment affecting marketing managers. Topics covered include: Marketing strategy and environment, social responsibility and marketing ethics, consumer and business buying behavior, market segmentation, and marketing mix strategies.
MKT 331 Sales Management
Course Description:

This course aims to discuss the Sales Management topic intensively. This discussion begins with clarifying its importance for all for-profit organizations, and its strategic role in the organization’s overall marketing strategy. The discussion also will include the following topics: development and role of selling in marketing, characteristics of  business-to-business sales and the importance of customer relationship management, how to design and organize an organization’s salesforce, different techniques of training, and how to ensure a continuous development for your salesforce, different methods of motivating and rewarding salespeople, and how to make sure that you are recruiting and selecting the right people.

MKT 339 Financial Services Marketing
Course Description

This course is designed to introduce students to financial services marketing in a global environment. It examines the interdependence of product, price, distribution and promotion in a financial services context. Financial Services Marketing gives students the opportunity to examine the contribution that marketing can make to the success of an organization that operates in this industry. The focus is on learning how to solve marketing problems and applying marketing theory to “real life” situations. Key topics include: the financial services customer; identifying and targeting financial prospects; development and management of financial products; traditional channels of distribution; technology-driven delivery channels; pricing for financial services; communication and promotion; building customer relationships; and service delivery and service quality. 3 credit hours.  Prerequisite: MKT 210.