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Convergence Analysis of the Neumann-Neumann Waveform Relaxation Method for Time-Fractional RC CircuitsSimulation Modelling: Practice and Theory2016
Neumann-Neumann waveform relaxation meth- ods for fractional RC circuitsInternational Conference on Information and Communication Systems (ICICS'15)2015
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Optimization of Transmission Conditions in Waveform Relaxation Techniques for RC CircuitsSIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis2014
Some Results for Cyclic Nonlinear Contractive Mappings in Metric SpacesActa Mathematica Acad. Paed. Ny. 2014
Semi-discrete Schwarz waveform relaxation algorithms for reaction diffusion equationsBIT Numerical Mathematics2014
High Performance FPGA-based Decimal-to-Binary Conversion Schemes for Decimal ArithmeticMicroprocessors and Microsystems2013
Optimized Waveform Relaxation Solution of RLCG Transmission Line Type CircuitsProceedings of 2013 9th International Conference on Innovations in Information Technology2013
Results in coupled fixed point in non-linear contractive conditionsJournal of Physics: Conference Series2013
Fixed Points for Contraction Mappings in Generalized Cone Metric SpacesJordan Journal of Mathematics and Statistics2012
Coupled Fixed Point Theorems for Nonlinear Contractions in Partial Metric SpacesInternational Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences2012
Property $P$ and Some Fixed Point Results on $(\psi,\phi)$-Weakly Contractive $G$-Metric SpacesInternational Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences2012
Fast Binary/Decimal Adder/Subtractor with a Novel Correction-Free BCD AdditionProceedings 2011 18th IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems (ICECS)2011
Fast And Compact Binary-to-BCD Conversion Circuits For Decimal MultiplicationProceedings 2011 IEEE 29th International Conference on Computer Design (ICCD)2011
Optimized waveform relaxation methods for the longitudinal partitioning of transmission linesIEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I2009