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Using Google Earth program in geography textbook for 9th grade students in Libya.Al-Bahbah, KhaledSocial Studies Education 2013Not Published
Degree Availability of international quality assurance standards in developed social and national education textbooks for 4th grade students in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Viewpoint from social education teachers and supervisors.Al Bilawi, Abdel RahmanSocial Studies Education2012Not Published
The Extent which teaching qualifications Available for social studies teachers in Al-Qurayyat Province in Saudi Arabia.  Al-Enzi, FahadSocial Studies Education2012Not Published
Attitudes of social studies teachers towards their specialization.Aldowan, ShreenSocial Studies Education2011Not Published
Evaluation of social studies and citizenship textbook developed for the first intermediate from social studies teachers perspective in Al-Qurayyat Province In Saudi Arabia.  Fawaz, Saleh Social Studies EducationIbrahim Alqaood2010Not Published