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Automatic Identification of Human Faces During Conflicts2017Yarmouk UNiversityAhmad al-Eroud, others
Holy Quran Citation Manager2019Yarmouk UNiversityKhalid M.O. Nahar
MICRO-MASTER Program on DATA SCIENCE and MACHINE LEARNING.2018Eroup UnionAhmad al-Eroud, others
Kastrum Project-CNR/DOA/MAECI: Enhancement of the UNESCO Site Umm ar-Rasas2019Jordan and ItalyAhmad al-Eroud, Khalid M.O Nahar, Rami Malkawi
Refining Digital Skills, Awareness and Employment in the Digital Transformation Field for University Students, Teachers and Decision-Makers to Keep Pace with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in Jordan 2021USA EmbassyMIT