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A Voice Identification System using Hidden Markov ModelT. K. Das* and Khalid M. O. NaharIndian Journal of Science and TechnologyVol 9 (4) Pages From 1-6Indian Society for Education and Environment2016
Perceived Trust and Payment Methods: An Empirical Study of MarkaVIP CompanyMahmoud Maqableh, Ra’ed Moh’d Taisir Masa, Rifat O Shannak, Khalid M NaharInternational Journal of Communications, Network and System SciencesVol 8 (11) Pages From 401-409Scientific Research Publishing2015
Arabic Phonemes Transcription using Data Driven ApproachKhalid Nahar, Husni Al-Muhtaseb, Wasfi Al-Khatib, Moustafa Elshafei, Mansour AlghamdiInternational Arab Journal of Information Technology (IAJIT)Vol 12 (3) Pages From 237-245Zarqa University2015
Off-line Arabic Hand-writing Recognition using Artifical Neoural Network with Genetics Algorithm1. Nahar, Khalid M.OThe International Arab Journal of Information Technology (IAJIT)15(4) 701-707Zarqa University, Jordan2018
MPF-LEACH: modified probability function for cluster head election in LEACH protocolKhalid MO Nahar, Ra'ed M Al-Khatib, Malek Barhoush, Alfian Abdul HalinInternational Journal of Computer Applications in Technology60(3) 267-280Inderscience Publishers (IEL)2019
SAP: Standard Arabic Profiling Toolset for Textual AnalysisAbdALLAH M Al-Akhras Khalid M.O. Nahar, Ahmed F. Al Eroud, Malek BarahoushInternational Journal of Machine Learning and Computing9(2) 22-229International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology2019
AQAS: ARABIC QUESTION ANSWERING SYSTEM BASED ON SVM, SVD, and LSIA MOY'AWIAH, KHALID MO NAHAR, KHALDOUN MK H HALAWANIJournal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology97 (2) 681-691Little Lion Scientific2019
NLP AND IR BASED SOLUTION FOR CONFIRMING CLASSIFICATION OF RESEARCH PAPERSAbdallah M Nahar, Khalid M O Alhindawi, Nouh Al-hazaimeh, Obaida M Al-, R A E D M Al-akhrasJournal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology96 (16) 5269-5279EBSCO Publishing USA2018
An effective image processing method for detection of diabetic retinopathy diseases from retinal fundus imagesNasr Gharaibeh, Obaida M Al-Hazaimeh, Bassam Al-Naami, Khalid MO NaharInternational Journal of Signal and Imaging Systems Engineering11(4) 206-216Inderscience Publishers (IEL)2018
A Hybrid SVM NAÏVE-BAYES Classifier for Bright Lesions Recognition in Eye Fundus ImagesNasr Gharaibeh, Obaida M. Al -hazaimeh, Ashraf Abu -Ein, and Khalid M.O. NaharInternational Journal on Electrical Engineering and Informatics13 (3) 530-545School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics - Institut Teknologi Bandung2021
Social Media Sentiment Analysis: The Hajj Tweets Case Study"Mohammad Ashraf" Ottom, Khalid M.O.NaharJournal of Computer Science17 (3) 265-274Science Publications2021
QCM: QURANIC CITATIONS MANAGER BASED ON NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING TECHNIQUESNahar, Khalid M.O.Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology99 (2) 452-461Little Lion Scientific2021
An efficient holy quran recitation recognizer based on svm learning modelNahar, Khalid MO; Ra'ed, M; Moy'awiah, A; Malek, MJordanian Journal of Computers and Information Technology (JJCIT)6 (4) 227-249the Jordanian Journal of Computers and Information Technology2020
Phonocardiogram Classification Based on Machine Learning with Multiple Sound FeaturesKhalid M.O. Nahar, Obaida M. Al-Hazaimeh, Ashraf Abu-Ein, Nasr GharaibehJournal of Computer Science16 (11) 1648-1656Science Publications2020
AIR QUALITY INDEX USING MACHINE LEARNING – A JORDAN CASE STUDYKhalid M.O.Nahar, Mohammad Ashraf Ottom, Fayha Alshibli and Mohammed M. Abu ShquierCOMPUSOFT, An international journal of advanced computer technology9 (9) 3831-3840National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources (NISCAIR)2020
SENTIMENT ANALYSIS AND CLASSIFICATION OF ARAB JORDANIAN FACEBOOK COMMENTS FOR JORDANIAN TELECOM COMPANIES USING LEXICON-BASED APPROACH AND MACHINE LEARNINGNahar, Khalid MO; Jaradat, Amerah; Atoum, Mohammed Salem; Ibrahim, FirasJordanian Journal of Computers and Information Technology (JJCIT)6 (3) 247-263Scientific Research Support Fund of Jordan (SRSF) and Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT)2020
GENDER IDENTIFICATION AND AGE ESTIMATION OF ARABIC SPEAKER USING MACHINE LEARNINGFIRAS IBRAHIM, Khalid M.O. Nahar, MOY'AWIAH A. AL-SHANNAQJournal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology98 (19) 3242-3251Little Lion Publisher2020
Handicapped Wheelchair Movements Using Discrete Arabic Command RecognitionKhalid M.O. Nahar, Moyawiah al-shannaq, Rafat Alshorman,Ra’ed M. Al-Khatib, Mohammad Ashraf Ot.tomScientific Journal of King Faisal University (Basic and Applied Sciences)21 (1) 171-184King Faisal University2020
Direct text classifier for thematic arabic discourse documents.Nahar, Khalid MO; Ra'ed, M; Moy'awiah Al-Shannaq; Daradkeh, Mohammad; Malkawi, RamiInt. Arab J. Inf. Technol.17 (3) 394-403Zarqa National University2020
Classification of mushroom fungi using machine learning techniquesOttom, Mohammad Ashraf; Alawad, Noor Aldeen; Nahar, KMInternational Journal of Advanced Trends in Computer Science and Engineering8 (5) 2378-2385World Academy of Research in Science and Engineering (WARSE)2019
A holy quran reader/reciter identification system using support vector machineNahar, Khalid MO; Al-Shannaq, Moyawiah; Manasrah, Ahmad; Alshorman, Rafat; Alazzam, IyadInternational Journal of Machine Learning and Computing9 (4) 458-464International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology2019
Computer Aided Diagnosis for Chronic Kidney Disease Using Data MiningOttom, Mohammad Ashraf; Nahar, Khalid MInternational Journal of Cyber-Security and Digital Forensics8 (3) 188-194The Society of Digital Information and Wireless Communications2019
SAP: Standard Arabic Profiling Toolset for Textual AnalysisKhalid M.O. Nahar, Ahmed F. Al Eroud, Malek Barahoush, AbdALLAH M Al-AkhrasInternational Journal of Machine Learning and Computing9 (2) 222-229International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology2019