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Continuous and Discrete Speech Recognition
Translating speech to a written text using speech recognition techniques either word by word (discrete) or continously manner
Natural Language Processing
The set of all algorithms, methods, and techniques used in the processing of languages specially Arabic Language
Pattern recognition in General
The repeated pattern in any context could be used to discover a relation or a mathematical model of this context
Encryption and Decryption Algorithms and Thier Variation
Artifical Intellegence
Artifical Neural Networks (ANN) and Genetics Algorithm and the use of Nero Processing
Wireless Sensors Networks
WSN's Protocols, Energy, Routing Mecahnism and Deployments
Image Processing
All related to image manipulation and recognition
Machine Learning
How to make the machine learn and decide either supervised or unsupervised learning
Data Science
Dealing with Big-Data
Internet of things and WSNs