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Microwave Propagation in Warm, Collisional Magnetoionic MediaM.S. Bawa'aneh, A. Al-Khateeb, and A.S. SawalhaIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON PLASMA SCIENCE41 (9)  IEEE2013
Microwave Absorption in Nonuniform Plasma with Different Magnetic Field Configurations Using the Magneto-ionicAppleton-Hartree Theory M. S. Bawa'aneh,  Ahmed M. Al-Khateeb, Sayeed Makkiyil, Saud Al Awfi, Ibrahim Abualhaol, and Ghada AssayedPIERS Draft Proceedingspp. 1141-1143 PIERS2012
Longitudinal geometric loss factor and impedance of a step-out discontinuity at arbitrary beam energy in a round cylindrical beam-pipeA. Al-KhateebNuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A (NIM A) 635, pp.35-40 Elsevier2011
Longitudinal Impedance of a Step-In for a Round Beam at Arbitrary Beam EnergyA. Al-Khateeb, O. Boine-Frankenheim, A. Plotnikov, Seong Yeub Shim, and L. H"anichenNuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A (NIM A) 626--627, pp.1-7 Elsevier2011
Longitudinal Coupling Impedance for Particle Beams with Gaussian Charge Distributions in the Longitudinal and Transverse DirectionsSondos Okoor,  A. Al-Khateeb and I. M. OdehCanadian Journal of Physics {\bf 88} (8), pp. 597-605 (2010). 88 (8), pp. 597-605 NRC2010
Microwave propagation in a magnetized inhomogeneous plasma slab using the Appleton-Hartree magnetoionic theoryM.S. Bawa'aneh,  A. Al-Khateeb, and A.S. SawalhaCanadian Journal of Physics  90 (3), p. 241-247NRC2012
Spectra of Electromagnetic Plasmon Bands in an Infinite Superlattice Made of Lossless and Lossy MediaA. Al-Khateeb, I. Abu El-Jerayesh, A. El-Ali, R.W. Hasse, and K. KhasawnehJordan Journal of Physics (JJP 1, pp.103-111 YU2008
Screening of the resistive-wall impedance by a cylindrical electron plasmaA. Al-Khateeb, R.W. Hasse, O. Boine-Frankenheim and I. HofmannNew Journal of Physics  10, pp. 083008 IOP2008
Comparison of the longitudinal coupling impedance from different source termsA. Al-Khateeb, R.W. Hasse, and O. Boine-FrankenheimNuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A (NIM A)593, pp. 171-176 (2008Elsevier2008
Longitudinal coupling impedance and transmission coefficient from uniform and hollow ring sourcesA. M. Al-Khateeb, R.W. Hasse, J. Shobaki, O. Boine-FrankenheimProceedings of EPAC08, Genoa, ItalyProceedings of EPAC08, pp.1625-1627 EPAC2008
Comparison of Analytical and Numerical Results for Broadband Coupling ImpedanceLukas Haenichen, Wolfgang F. O. Mueller, Thomas Weiland,  Ahmed Al-Khateeb and Oliver Boine-FrankenheimProceedings of PAC09TH5PFP09PAC2009
Longitudinal coupling impedance for a smooth resistive cylindrical pipe of two conducting layers of finite thicknessesA. M. Al-Khateeb, O. Boine-Frankenheim, R. W. Hasse and I. HofmannNuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A (NIM A)587, pp. 236-242 (2008Elsevier2008
Thermal Enhancement of Absorption of EM-Radiation in a Hot Magnetoplasma slabM.S. Bawa’aneh,  A. Al-Khateeb, and Yc. GhimIEEE Transaction on Antennas and Propagation66 (12), pp. 6525-6530IEEE2018
Resistance and Reactance of Monopole Fields Induced by a Test Charge Drifting Off-Axis in a Cold and Collisional Cylindrical PlasmaM.S. Bawa’aneh, A. Al-Khateeb, and Yc. GhimChinese Physics Letters352018
Electromagnetic transmission from a dielectric loaded resistive cylindrical pipeM.S. Bawa’aneh,  A. Al-Khateeb, and N. LahamJordan Journal of Physics (JJP)102017
Longitudinal coupling impedance for particle beams of parabolic transverse charge distribution moving in a resistive cylindrical beam-pipe of finite wall thicknessA. Al-Khateeb and Nouf K. Al-SaleemAl Azhar Buletin of Science27 (1), pp. 11-18 2016
Forward recursion approach of electromagnetic wave propagation characteristicsA. M. Al–Khateeb, M. A. Khasawneh, and M. S. Bawa’anehAdvanced Electromagnetics8(5), pp.44-50ORES-France2019