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Longitudinal coupling impedance and transmission coefficient of a short bunch of charged particles moving in a shielded resistive cylindrical beam-pipeNourah MuhaweshBeam PhysicsNone2013Not Published
Impedance of a plasma column partially filling a perfectly conducting cylindrical pipeAmel Al-WabariBeam PhysicsNone2012Not Published
Longitudinal coupling impedance of a particle beam of parabolic transverse charge distribution moving in a resistive cylindrical beam-pipe of finite wall thickensNouf Al-SaleemBeam PhysicsNone2013Not Published
Longitudinal Coupling Impedance for Particle Beams with Gaussian Charge Distributions in the Longitudinal and Transverse DirectionsSondus O'koor Beam PhysicsNone2008Published
Longitudinal Resistive--Wall Impedance for a Gaussian Beam of Particles Propagating in a Smooth Cylindrical PipeAdnan Al-Issa Beam PhysicsNone2007Not Published
Longitudinal Resistive--Wall Impedance of a Small Circular Hole in the Wall of a Cylindrical Pipe for Arbitrary Particle Beam EnergyAhmed Al-Mudallal Beam PhysicsNone2007Not Published
Interaction of Particle Beams with Plasmas in Resistive   Cylindrical Beam pipesWafa Mahmoud Beam PhysicsProf. Dr. N. Laham (main Supervisor)2006Published