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 Prof. Dr. Al-Khateeb was born on April 20, 1967 in a small village called Hatem in north of Jordan. He finished his high school Diploma in the academic year 1985/1986 at Melka secondary school (Irbid, Jordan), and became a B.Sc. student of physics at Yarmouk University.

I finished my B.Sc. in general physics in 1989/1990 with very good rank. At the beginning of the academic year 1990 I became a master student of physics. I got the highest rank in the master program and accordingly a royal award for outstanding students in the M.Sc. program. My master thesis was in theoretical plasma physics under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Nabil Laham. I wrote my thesis on the effects of wave bandwidth on Raman scattering. I published three papers on the Raman process in Plasmas.
I got a DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauchdienst) scholarship for Ph.D. study in Germany. It was a scholarship for Ph.D. study in Germany.  In April 1994 I finished my German language course in Marburg (Germany) and moved to Darmstadt, where I became a Ph. D. student under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Peter Mulser [Theoretical Quantum Electronics TQE, Institute for applied physics) at the technical university of Darmstadt. In November 1997 I got my Ph. D. in physics. My thesis was on the nonlinear absorption of laser radiation in plasmas [Nichtlineare Absorption von Laserstrahlung in Plasmen]. 
From July to December 1997 I was appointed as a research assistant at the Technical University of Darmstadt. In January 4, 1998 I came back to Jordan and was enrolled in February as an assistant professor of physics at Yarmouk University.  I thought many courses in B.Sc. and M.Sc. programs at Yarmouk University and participated as a supervisor and a co-advisor inmany master thesis in plasma and Beam physics.
In addition to my collaboration with the plasma research group at Yarmouk University guided by Prof. Dr. N. Laham, I started in 1999 my scientific collaboration with the high current beam physics research group (HSSP) of Prof. Dr. Ingo Hofmann at the GSI-Darmstadt, Germany. This collaboration with the HSSP group at the GSI-Darmstadt was on the modeling of the longitudinal dynamics of heavy ion beams. The HSSP group invited me periodically two times a year. I published in collaboration with the HSSP group many research papers.