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Fusion of MODIS and Landsat-8 surface temperature images: A new approachHazaymeh, K., and Hassan, Q.KPlos Onev. 10, e0117755:1-e0117755:132015
Spatio-temporal image fusion model for enhancing temporal resolution of Landsat-8 surface reflectance images using MODIS imagesHazaymeh, K., and Hassan, Q.K. Journal of Applied Remote Sensing9, 1-142015
التحليل المكاني لمراكز الدفاع المدني في مدينة اربد باستخدام نظم المعلومات الجغرافيةحسين منصور و خالد هزايمةأبحاث اليرموك24, 12011
GIS Based Safety Bus Stops – Serdang and Seri Kembagan Case StudyHazaymeh, K.Journal of Public Transportationvol.12,No.22009
Remote sensing of agricultural drought monitoring: A state of art reviewKhaled Hazaymeh, Quazi K. HassanAIMS Environmental Science3(4): 604-630AIMS Press2016
A remote sensing-based agricultural drought indicator and its implementation over a semi-arid region, JordanHazaymeh, K. and Hassan, Q.Journal of Arid Land9, 319-330Scince Press-Springer2017
A combined PCA-SIs Classification Approach for Delineating Built-up Area from Remote Sensing ImageryHazaymeh, K., Mosleh, M., Al-Rawabdeh, A., Journal of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Geoinformation Science87(3), 91-102ISI2019
Statistical Analysis of Estimated and Observed Soil Moisture in Sub-humid Climate in Northwestern Jordan.2. Almagbile, A., Zeitoun, M., Hazaymeh, K., Sammour, H., Sababha, N.Environmental Monitoring and Assessment191.2: 96. ISI2019
GIS and Remote Sensing-based Evaluation of Vegetation Diversity due to Topography in Semi-arid Environment. Sababhah N., and Hazaymeh K., Dirasat: Human and Social Sciences.46(1 Supplement 2)Jordan University2019
A comparative analysis of spatiotemporal data fusion models for Landsat and MODIS data. Hazaymeh, K., Almagbile, A.,ISPRS-International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information SciencesXLII-3, 491-495.ISPRS2018
Regional Scale Photovoltaic Site Selection Based on Geospatial TechniquesHazaymeh, K., Zeitoun M. A., Al-Rawabdeh, A. and Sababha, N., A.Jordan Journal of Environment and Earth Sciences9(1), 47-65.Hashemite University2018