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Research Interests

Behavioral Modeling of RF and Microwave Circuits


Circuit designers are faced with the challenge of integrating transceivers for multiple wireless standards with conflicting specifications at increasingly higher frequencies and wider modulation bandwidths. However, it is not currently possible to perform transistor level simulation of a complete integrated radio transceiver within the context of a digital wireless standard. As a result, circuit designers cannot completely verify operation of circuit performance at the system level. New analysis techniques are needed to bridge the gap between circuit simulation and system analysis to permit evaluation of circuit performance at the system level. Behavioral modeling of circuits is a viable alternative to transistor level simulation for verifying system level performance of circuits. However, time to market considerations demand that the amount of time and effort involved in generating a model should be minimized. This raises questions regarding which models and extraction techniques quickly converge to an accurate solution for representing high frequency wideband integrated circuits.


Created at 1/29/2013 3:11 PM by Khaled Mohammed Gharaibeh
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