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Research Interests

Wireless Body Area Networks


The new vision in health care is to enable the automatic collection of body vital signs from individual patients via Wireless Body Area Networks (WBAN), the integration of this data into a patient's medical record, processing of data, and issuance of recommendations, if necessary. WBAN refers to a set of on-body sensors, actuators and monitoring tools coupled with wireless communication devices that enable continuous monitoring of the vital signs of the patient.  A set of wireless sensors pass body data to a main body station (or personal server), which consolidates the data streams of all sensor modules attached. The main station then transmits the data to a health care center through a wireless communication link and the internet where a web portal is used to manage the transfer of data to a remote health care center. Current research on WBAN focuses on the development of new sensors; new radio interfaces new efficient network protocols and new medical software applications that provide Graphical User Interfaces for the interaction of humans with the network.


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