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Research Title
6th International Law and Trade Conference (ILTC)Athens 2-5 October 2012
insurance law
Lafi Daradkehspeaker
Workshop of Developing and harmonizing Cyber legislations in the Arab world in corporation with UAEU and ESCWAUAE16 October 2012
Cyber law
Lafi Daradkehspeaker
19th Annual Conference on "Investment Rules UAE25-27 April 2011
Investment Rules under the National legislations and International Agreements
Lafi Daradkehspeaker
5th International Conference on Legal, Security and Privacy Issues in IT Spain, BarcelonaNovember 2-5, 2010
Commercial arbitration
Lafi Daradkehspeaker
The first foundation conference for the International Arabic league for Arbitration centres and institutionsJordan 9-10 October 2010
arbitration agreement
Lafi Daradkehspeaker
Conference on International Law and Trade, Sliema, Malta  November 3-5,2009.
commercial arbitration
Lafi Daradkehspeaker
18th Annual Conference on "Building and Construction Contracts UAE19-21 Apri 20l0
arbitration in construction contracts
Lafi Daradkehspeaker
The Law of International Business transactionsHamburg, Germany. 10-13 April 2008
international trade law
Lafi Daradkehspeaker
conference of "Environment lawjordan• July 2006
arbitration environment disputes
Lafi Daradkehspeaker
workshop on labor law Jordand15th of march 2011.
The civil protection for under age labors under Jordanian labor law
Lafi Daradkehspeaker
Twelfth Mediterranean Research MeetingFlorence and Montecatini Terme\italy 6-9-April 2011
Race to the Bottom: Standards of New Jordanian Tax Laws
Lafi Daradkehspeaker
Conference on Teaching, Legal      Education and Strategic PlanninBuenos Aires, ArgentinaApril 13-15, 2011.
Regulation and Accreditation Models in Jordan
Lafi Daradkehspeaker
 IALS ConferenceCanberra, Australia2009
The Role of law school and law school leadership in a changing world: What have we learned from each other? What can we learn from each other?
Lafi Daradkehspeaker
14th Mediterranean Research Meetingturkey,Mersin20-23 March 2013

Theory of Commercial Arbitration and its Role in the Arab World Governmental Corruption Regarding Foreign Investment Contracts
Lafi DaradkehSpeaker
• المؤتمر الدولي للقانون الخاص الخامس لشبونه/البرتغال15-17/10/2014
lafi daradkehspeaker
• المؤتمر الدولي للقانون الخاص الرابع بانكوك/تايلند.11/11/2013- 15/11/2013
lafi daradkehspeaker
• مؤتمر كلية القانون الثاني والعشرين"التامين واتجاهاته المعاصرةالامارات13-14/5/2014.
عضو اللجنة التحضرية
• مؤتمر كلية القانون الحادي والعشرون"الطاقة بين القانون والاقتصاد"الامارات20-21/4/2013.
• المؤتمر الثاني لبدائل حل المنازعات والعدالة التصالحيةالامارات29-30/4/2013.
العدالة التصالحية
• مؤتمر قضايا قانونية معاصرة في القرن الحادي والعشرون الشارقة/الامارات19-20/11/2014
لافي درادكهمتحدث
• مؤتمر دبي للوسائل البديلة  للتقاضيالامارات/دبي11/3/2015
Lafi Daradkehspeaker
5th Academic international conference on interdisciplinary legal studiesOxford University,UK• 5th-7th March 2017
The Applicability of the More Favourable-Right-Provision on Enforcing Foreign Arbitral Awards
lafi daradkehspeaker
4th Kilaw international  legal conference. KuwaitKiwait• 10th-11th may 2017
the rule of law and the rule by law
lafi daradkehspeaker
3th Kilaw international  legal conference. KuwaitKiwait• 10th-11th may 2016
arbitartion in securities disputes by sharia law
lafi daradkehspeaker
the first international confernce on tourisum-legal issuesUAE Sharigah university23-24-4-2018
Encouraging Tourism Through the UAE Experience in developing Federal Legislation Regarding Transportation of Tourists by Buses(Especial Transportation Service)
lafi daradkehspeaker
5th Kilaw international  legal conference. KuwaitKiwait9-10 may 2018
The challenges of law keep pace with  the technological developments in banking and finance: Bitcoin (cryptocurrency) as a model of safe use under technology-based constraints in the absence of legal guarantees
lafi daradkehspeaker
. 2nd Contemporary legal issues conference. Sharjah UniversityUAE Sharigah university• 25th -26th  November 2015
extedning arbitration agreement to non parties
lafi daradkehspeaker
International Islamic financial conference.Sakaria University, Turkey.• 21-23 October 2015
arbitration and islamic law
lafi daradkehspeaker
Dubai ADR conference. British &Ireland Law BarUAE
abitration in UAE
lafi daradkehspeaker
IAITL conference, Lisbon, Portugal, Lisbon, Portugal• 15th -17th October 2014
The Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Award Merged with Foreign Judgement
lafi daradkehspeaker