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Research Title
Aram Thirty Fourth International Conference, The Edomites/the Idumaeans and the NabataeansThe Oriental Institute (University of Oxford)England24-27 July 2012
The Nabataean Theatre Performances: A Reassessment
Lamia El-Khouri; Estēe Dvorjetski Paper presentation
International Conference of the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East. University of WarsawPoland30 April-4 May 2012
Results of the Archaeological Excavations at Gadara (Umm Qais), 2011 Season of Excavations
Lamia El-KhouriPaper presentation
Urban Morphology and the Post-Carbon City. The Eighteenth International Seminar on Urban Form. Concordia University, MontréalCanada26-29 August 2011
Transformation of Urban Landscape from Roman to Early Medieval periods in Jordan Decapolis
Lamia El-KhouriPaper presentation
The World Congress of Middle Eastern Studies. BarcelonaSpain19-24 July 2010
Development of Rural Architecture in Northern Jordan and Palestine
Lamia El-Khouripaper presentation
The 11th International Conference of History and Archaeology of Jordan. ParisFrance7-12 June 2010
Rural Settlements in Northwest Jordan
Lamia El-KhouriPaper presentation
German Middle-East International Conference. AmmanJordan10-12 May 2009
Jordan‘s Prosperity in the Roman Period based on Archaeological Landscape
Lamia El-KhouriPaper presentation