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Architectural Remains at Barsinia, Results of Two Seasons of Excavations (2006 and 2007)Lamia El-KhouriADAJ55: 467-488Dept. of Antiquities, Jordan2012
Strontium Isotope Analysis of Human Tooth Enamel from Barsinia: A Late Antique Site in Northern JordanLamia El-Khouri; Abdallah Al-ShormanJournal of Archaeological and Anthropological ScienceUSA2011
Barsinia 1st Century BC – 1st Century AD Pottery from the Cistern, Area ALamia El-KhouriAOAT (Ugarit Forschungen)42: 161-190Germany2011
Stone Grinding Tools of the Northern Highlands of Jordan in Classical and Early Islamic PeriodsLamia El-KhouriBuried History 46: 29-38Australia2010
Tombs of the Roman and Byzantine Periods at Barsinia (Northwest Jordan)Lamia El-KhouriZDPV126: 131-139Germany2010
Cults of Roman – Byzantine Jordan, at the Decapolis and the Surrounding CountrysideLamia El-KhouriKrise und Kult, Vorderer Orient und Nordafrika von Aurelian bis Justinian. Millennium-StudiesBand 28, pp. 181-206Germany2010
Barsinia: a Newly-Excavated Archaeological Site in North-Western JordanLamia El-KhouriStudies in The History and Archaeology of Jordan (SHAJ)10, pp. 61-66Jordan2009
A Rhodian Stamped Amphora Handle from the Site of BarsiniaLamia El-KhouriDirasat. Human and Social SciencesVolume 36, (Supplement): 177-182.Jordan University2009
Barsinia, Archaeology in Jordan, 2007 SeasonLamia El-KhouriAmerican Journal of Archaeology112: 5132008
Roman Countryside in North-Western JordanLamia El-KhouriLEVANT40,1: 1-17England2008
Barsinia, Archaeology in Jordan, 2006 SeasonLamia El-KhouriAmerican Journal of Archaeology 111, 3: 523-547USA2007
In Situ Glass Conservation: A Case Study From The Archaeological Site of Barsinia, JordanLamia El-Khouri; Ramadan AbdallahAdumatu16: 25-362007
Roman and Byzantine Settlements in the Region of West IrbidLamia El-KhouriPEQ (Palestine Exploration Quarterly) 139,3: 167-186England2007
Fertility as an Element in the Late Nabataean BeliefsLamia El-KhouriLEVANT  (Annual of the Council for British Research in the Levant) 39: 81-90England2007
Nabataean Pilgrimage through their Archaeological RemainsLamia El-KhouriARAMvol. 19, 1&2. P. 325-340University of Oxford2007
A Lihyanite StatuetteLamia El-KhouriSemitica 52-53. Pp. 93-100France2007
West Irbid Survey 2005, Preliminary Report Lamia El-Khouri; W. Abu-Azizeh; T. Steimer-Herbert; M. Tarboush ADAJ (Annual of the 50: 121-138Dept. of Antiquities of Jordan2006
Dionysus and its Representations by the NabataeansLamia El-KhouriAgesVol. 15, part 2, 5-21Mars Publishing2005
A New Nabataean Inscription from Wadi Mataha, PetraLamia El-KhouriPEQ (Palestine Exploration Quarterly)137, 2: 169-174England2005
Ein Graffito aus Tell Abu HarazLamia El-Khouri; Omar al-GhulZDPV114 (1998)2Harrassowitz Verlag, Germany1998
The Nabataean Theatre Performances: A ReassessmentDvorjetski, E. and El-Khouri, Lamia ARAMVol 27, 1&2. Pp 441-474University of Oxford2015
The Abbasid Occupation at Gadara (Umm Qais), 2011 Excavation Season. Mediterranean Archaeology and ArchaeometryEl-Khouri, Lamia and Omoush, Ma’en Mediterranean Archaeology and ArchaeometryVol. 15, No. 2, Pp 11-252015
Byzantine and Umayyad Period Pottery at Barsinia (2006 Season of ExcavationEl-Khouri, Lamia PEQ146, Issue 4: 308-331England2014
Mineralogical and Textural Characterization of Mortars and Plasters from Barsinia Archaeological Site, Northern JordanAl-Naddaf M. and El-Khouri, LConservation Science in Cultural HeritageVol. 14: 63-792014
Glass Production in the Early Byzantine Period (4th-7th Century at Gadara (Umm Qais), Jordan, Area W, 2011 Season of ExcavationEl-Khouri, Lamia LEVANT46:1, Pp 89-97England2014
Late Roman Fine Pottery From Gadara (Umm Qais), 2011 Season of ExcavationEl-Khouri, Lamia Mediterranean Archaeology and AnthropologyVol. 14, No. 2, Pp. 115-1382014
Archaeometallurgical Finds from Barsinia, Northern Jordan: Microstructural Characterization and Conservation TreatmentBani-Hani, M.; Abd-Allah, R. and El-Khouri, Lamia Journal of Cultural Heritage 13: 314-3252012