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Arch 101
Introduction to Archaeology
Arch 102
The Origin of Ancient Cultures
Arch 120
Introduction to Classical Archaeology
Arch 121
Art in the Classical Periods
Arch 220
Nabataean Archaeology
Arch 301
Field Archaeology
Arch 320
Classical Archaeology I (Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods in the East)
Arch 321
Water Systems and Agriculture in Classical Periods
Arch 420
Classical Archaeology II (from Again cultures to the end of the Roman periods in the West)
Arch 601
Advanced Course in Filed Archaeology (MA Students)
Arch 643
A graduate advanced course in Classical Arts (Arts of Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Nabataean, Palmyrian and other cultures).
Arch 641
Urban Centers and Trade Routes in the Classical Periods.
Arch 642
Burial Rites in the Classical Periods
Arch 644
A graduate advanced course in Nabataean Culture.
His 106
History of Jerusalem (3000 years)