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New design for the separation of microorganisms using microfluidic deterministic lateral displacementM Al-Fandi, M Al-Rousan, MAK Jaradat, L Al-EbbiniRobotics and computer-integrated manufacturing 27(2), 237-244Elsiver2011
A decision analytic approach to predicting quality of life for lung transplant recipients: A hybrid genetic algorithms-based methodologyA Oztekin, L Al-Ebbini, Z Sevkli, D DelenEuropean Journal of Operational Research266 (2), 639-6512018
FLAS: Fuzzy lung allocation system for US-based transplantationsL Al-Ebbini, A Oztekin, Y ChenEuropean Journal of Operational Research248 (3), 1051-10652016
BotDigger: A fuzzy inference system for botnet detectionB Al-Duwairi, L Al-Ebbini2010 Fifth International Conference on Internet Monitoring and Protection61-212010
Design of a user-friendly LabVIEW-based toolbox for real-time monitoring and diagnosis of vital signalsMMB Amer, Y Qtait, L Al-Ebbini, S Ammary, M AwwadInternational Journal of Medical Engineering and Informatics 2 (3), 307-3182010
Fuzzy Approach for Determination the Optimum Therapeutic Parameters in Neuromuscular Stimulation SystemsMMB Amer, L Al-EbbiniJournal of medical systems34 (4), 435-4432010
Flagellated Bacteria As Self-Navigator Nano/Bio-RobotsM Al-Fandi, MA Jaradat, M Al-Rousan, L Al-Ebbini, S JaradatJournal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology12 (02), 12400032012