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1. A Critique of the Research on Semantic Memory and Semantic Retrieval in ChildrenThe Arab Journal for Humanities, Kuwait University.
2. The Development of Negative Structure in Children: Evidence from Jordanian Arabic.The Arab Journal for Humanities, Kuwait University.
3. Negation and Quantifiers in English with Specific Reference to the Works of Klima and Jackendoff.Musul University Journal, Iraq
4. Verb Phrase Deletion in English Revisited.Musul University Journal, Iraq
5. Towards a Better Approach to Translation.with Hisham SawafMusul University Journal, Iraq
6. The Influence of Arabic on Written English (Problem of ESL Learners)Yarmouk University Journal, Jordan
7. Learning Listening Skills in English (Translated from English into Arabic).Yarmouk University Journal, Jordan1986
8. The Acquisition of Negative Semantic Categories by Jordanian Children.Kuwait University Journal
9. An Evaluation of the Models of Semantic Long-Term Memory.King Saud University Journal, Saudi Arabia
10. Words Association of Culture: An Arabic Model.Musul University Journal, Iraq
11. The Development of Affixes: An Evidence from Urdu.ERIC1990
12. An Acoustic Characterization of the Emphatic vs. Non-Emphatic Consonants in Arabic as spoken in Jordan.Journal Abhath, American University.
13. An Analysis of the syntactic-Semantic Structures of Negative Utterances with Reference to the Speech of Jordanian Children.Kuwait University Journal
14. Child-Adult Utterances.(Chapter in a book on Imitation)1990
15. The Translation Centres in the Arab World.META1994
16. English Language and Literature in EFL Situations.A Collection of Papers from the 21st IATEFL Conference, Dulsburg: Land, Series B, Nos. 181-190.1988
17. The Development of Affixes in Urdu.Proceedings of the XIVth International Congress of Linguistics, Berlin, East Germany1988
18. The Role of the English Departments at Arab Universities in Graduating Professional Translators.Proceedings of the Conference on Training and Teaching Translators," San Diego University, California.1983
19. The Need for Home-Assignments in EFL Class.Proceedings of  the Conference of the Moroccan Association of Teachers of English.1999
20. English Language and Literature in EFL Situations.Eric Database: Resources in Education.
21. The Acquisition of the Affixes in Urdu.Eric Database: Resources in Education.