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- Errors in Translation in some Channel Two English Programmes on Jordan Television.1989Published
- Transitional Words and the Arab Translator.1990Published
- The English Political Terminology with Respect to Translation and Arabicization.1990Published
- The Cultural and Linguistics Problems in Translating English/ Arabic Proverbs.1990Published
- Error Analysis of Yes/No Questions' Answers: English Department Freshman Students and Native Speakers of English.1992Published
- An Investigation of Teachers' and Students' Evaluation of Televised English Programmes of Tenth Grade.1993Published
- Problems in Translating Historical Documents with Particular Reference to the Hussein/ McMahon Correspondence.1993Published
- The Translatability of Metaphor in Journalistic Argumentative Texts with Particular Reference to Arabic Newspapers.1994Published
- Some Linguistic and Cultural Problems in Translating Idiomatic Expressions From Arabic into English.1994Published
- The Translatability of Humor With Particular Reference to English Jokes and Riddles.1994Published
- Task Influence on the Acquisition of Lexis: A Case Study of Jordanian Universities.1994Published
- Problems of Coherence and Textualization in English-Arabic Translation of Academic Discourse.1996Published
- Lexical and Syntactic Ambiguity: A Case Study of the Translation of Two Suras of the Holy Qur'an.1996Published
- A Contrastive Analysis of Deixis Between English and Arabic.1996Published
- A Developmental Study of Deixis in Arabic as Used by Jordanian Children.1997Published
- Difficulties of Translating Banking Terms with Special Focus on Banking Terms in Legal Texts.1997Published
- Al-Laam in Standard Arabic: A Translational Perspective.1997Published
- Translation of Medical Terminology: An Analytical Study.1997Published
- A Study in the Translation of Some Quranic Verses including Ironic Expressions into English.1997Published
- Translatability of Metonymy in Prophet Muhammad's Traditional: A Preliminary Study.1998Published
- A Critical Survey of Some Quranic Quotations in Spoken Arabic in Jordan.1998Published
- An Attitudinal Study of Stress in Simultaneous Interpreting.1998Published
- Translatability of Implicature with Reference to Jordanian Local Literature.1999Published
- Transference of Positive / Negative Emotive Value in Literary Translation.1999Published
- Cohesion in Arabic Legal Texts.2000Published