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The Status of Women in the Patriarchal Society of Chaucer's "The Knight's Tale"Malek J. ZuraikatJordan Journal of Modern Languages and LiteratureVol.9, No. 1, pp 95-105Yarmouk University2017
Decoding the Ambiguity of "the Nun's Priest's Tale"Malek J. ZuraikatDirasat, Human and Social Sciences00Uiversity of Jordan2019
The Peculiar Use of Punctuation in A.R. Ammons' "So I Said I am Ezra"Malek J. Zuraikat and Faisal I. RawashdehAssociation of Arab Universities Journal for Arts16, 1Association of Arab Universities2019
Questioning the Centrality of the Hero in BeowulfMalek J. ZuraikatDirasat, Human and Social Sciences46 (1, supplement 2)Uiversity of Jordan2019
John Gower's Moral Adaptation of Ovid's "Tale of Actaeon"Malek J. Zuraikat and Faisal I. RawashdehInternational Journal of Arabic-English Studies (IJAES)19 (1)APETAU2019
The Phenomenology of the Dwelling Space in Robert Frost's PoetryFaisal I. Rawashdeh and Malek J. Zuraikat  3L: Language, Linguistics, Literature®24 (4)UKM2018