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Research Title
American Translation and Interpreting Studies Association (ATISA VII): Where Theory and Practice MeetUSA, New York April 2014
Humanizing Arabic Translation History: A case study of Denys Johnson-Davies
Mohammed Al-Batineh
Conference of the Canadian Association for Translation Studies (CATS)CanadaJune 2015
The West and the “Rest”: A Eurocentric View of Arabic Translation History in the Eyes of an Orientalist
Mohammed Al-Batineh
New Spaces of Translation:  Third International ConferenceUSA, ChicagoApril 2015
Collaborative Translation in the Digital Age: Modes, Technologies and Practices
Mohammed Al-Batineh & Loubna Bilali
The American Translation & Interpreting Studies Association Conference (ATISA VIII): Translation and Interpreting and/as Globalization: Redrawing the Boundaries of TISUSAApril 2016
Is Translation Plagiarizable? Using Forensic Linguistics and Stylistics to Detect Plagiarism in Literary Re-translations
Al-Batineh & Bilali
The Languages, Literatures, and Cultures ConferenceUSA, KentuckyApril 2016
Bringing Collaborative Translation to the Classroom: An Academic-driven Project
Al-Batineh & Bilali
The 11th annual International Technology, Education and Development Conference, INTED2017Spain2017
Adapting the Crowdsourcing Model to Translator Training

Al-Batineh & BilaliAccepted paper
Tenth Annual International Translation Conference “Translation Beyond the MarginsQatar2019
Interdisciplinarity in Action: Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence labs for Translation Studies Research
A-Batineh, M.
International Conference on Transdisciplinary LinguisticsIndonesia2018
Translation as Inspiration: Latent Semantic Analysis and Corpus Linguistics for Investigating the Impact of Translating Activity on Original Writing
A-Batineh, M.
JICOT 4Jordan2017
Will the Machine Understand Literary Translation? A Glimpse into the Future of literary Machine Translation through the Lenses of Artificial Intelligence
Al-Batineh, M.