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Structural and Magnetic Properties of Er3Fe5-xGaxO12 GarnetsI. Bsoul, R. Olayaan, M. Lataifeh, Q. Mohaidat and S. MahmoodMaterials Research Express 6 (7) ,076114IOP Publishing (2019).
The Structural and the Magnetic Properties of Aluminum Substituted Yttrium Iron Garnet, Qassem I. Mohaidat, Mahdi Lataifeh, Khozima Hamasha, Sami H. Mahmood, Ibrahim Bsoul, and  Mufeed AwawdehMaterials Research 21 (3)SciELO - Scientific Electronic Library Online(2018)
Structural, Mössbauer spectroscopy, magnetic properties and thermal measurements of Y3-xDyxFe5O12.  Mahdi Lataifeh , Qassem I. Mohaidat, Sami H. Mahmood, Ibrahim Bsoul, Mufeed Awawdeh, Ibrahim Abu-Aljarayesh, Mu’ath Altheeba. Chinese Physics B27 (10) 107501Chinese Physical Society and IOP Publishing Ltd(2018)
Structural, Mossbauer Effect, Magnetic, and Thermal Properties of Gadolinium Erbium Iron Garnet System Gd3-xErxFe5O12. Qassem I. Mohaidat, Mahdi Latifah, Sami H. Mahmood, Ibrahim Bsoul, and Mufeed Awawdeh. J. of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism 30: 2135-2141Springer(2017)
The field dependent magnetization of d5- d7 metal -  Diketonate Complexes and their macromolecular Polymers. Mohammed A. Al-Anber, Haneen Daoud & Mahdi Lataifeh. Journal of Macromolecular Science, part B: Physics. Volume 53, , 1258-1269Taylor and Francis online (2014)
34. Field and Dual Magnetic Susceptibility Proxies for Heavy Metal Pollution Assessment in the Urban Soil of Al-Karak City, South Jordan. Tayel El-Hasan & Mahdi S. Lataifeh Environmental Earth Sciences. Volume 69, Number 7Springer(2013)
The Magnetism of the d8- d10- Diketonate Metal Complexes and Their Coordination Polymers.  Mohammed A. Al-Anber, Mahdi Lataifeh & Haneen Daoud. Journal of Macromolecular Science, part B: Physics. Volume 52, Issue 2, 344-354.Taylor and Francis(2013)
Environmental magnetism: heavy metal concentrations in soils as a function of magnetic materials content. Tayel El-Hasan, Abedl-Jaleel Al-Nawiseh, Mahdi S. LataifehJordan Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Vol. 2, No.2, Scentific Research Support Fund (2009)
Geochemical, petrographic, and magnetic characteristics of spinel lherzolite mantle xenoliths from Jabal Remah volcano, Jordan, A. Al-Malabah, Tayel Al-Hasan and Mahdi S. Lataifeh, American Journal of Applied Sciences 6 (7), 1308-1312.Science Publications(2009)
Magnetization measurements on as prepared and annealed   Fe3-xMnxSi alloys, M. S. Lataifeh, M. O’Shea, A. S. Saleh, and S. H.  Mahmood,Jordan Journal of Physics Vol. 1, No.1, 31-36.Scientific Research Support Fund, Yarmouk University (2008)
Room Temperature Magnetization Measurements of some substituted Rare Earth Iron Garnets.  Mahdi S. Lataifeh,Applied Physics A, Materials: Science & Processing, Vol.92, No.3, 681-685.Springer(2008)
Structural and Magnetic Studies of 1%Ho: Gd0.99-xLax alloys.                  I. A. Al-Omari, A. Rais, and M. S. Lataifeh, J. Mag. Mag. Mater.288 , 214-218.Sci(2005)
Structural and Magnetic Studies of 1%Ho:Gd0.99-xLux, I.A. Al-Omari, A.   Rais, M. S. Lataifeh, and A. A. Yousif, Phys. Stat. sol.  (c) 1, No. 7,  1711-1715.  WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim(2004)
Environmental Magnetism: The implication of initial susceptibility and saturation magnetization for detecting road side pollution in arid regions.  Tayel El-Hasan, Mahdi S. LataifehDirasat, Pure sciences, .Vol.30, No.2, August Jordan University (2003)
Measurements of radon concentration in water and building aggregate samples in Al-karak, Jordan. Barakat A. Al-bataina, Suliman Tarawneh and Mahdi S. Lataifeh,  Abhath Al-Yarmouk : “Basic Sci.&Eng.”Vol.12, No.1, pp 221-330.Yarmouk University (2003)
Mossbauer spectroscopy study of substituted rare earth iron garnets at low temperature, Mahdi S. Lataifeh, Sami Mahmood, and Mike Thomas,  the Physica B: Condensed Matter,Vol.321, Issues 1-4,, pp 143 -148.Elsvier August (2002)
Geochemical  and  mineralogical   related   magnetic characteristics of the Tertiary-Quaternary (Um  Al-Qutein) Basaltic flows from the basaltic field of Hara El-Jabban, Northeast Jordan,  Mahdi S. Lataifeh, Tayel Al-Hasan and A. Al-Malabah,Physica B: Condensed Matter, Vol.321, Issues 1-4, , pp 396 - 403.Elsvier August (2002)
A comparative study between radon concentration levels during the Spring and Autumn seasons in dwellings in Al-karak area. Mahdi S. Lataifeh, Abhath Al-Yarmouk, (Basic Sciences and Engineering), Vol.11, No. 1B,  pp 269-274.Yarmouk University(2002),
Magnetic Measurements of Al-Lajjun  cenozoic basaltic rocks, south Jordan.  Mahdi S Lataifeh, Tayel Al-Hasan, and A. Al-Malabah,Abhath Al-Yarmouk, (Basic Sciences and Engineering), Vol.11, No. 1B, pp 337-347.Yarmouk University(2002)
Differentiation between various manganese deposits of Jordan using      magnetization measurements.Tayel M. Al-Hasan, Mahdi S. Lataifeh., Al-Manarah J. for Research and Studies, Refereed Research , Vol. VII, No.1, .Journal Published by Al-al-bayt University(2001)
Magnetic study of some heavier rare earth iron garnets at low temperature, Mahdi S. Lataifeh, and Mick O’SheaAl-Manarah J. for Research and StudiesVol. VII, No.1Refereed Research Journal Published by Al-al-bayt University(2001)
Indoor Radon Levels During Autumn in Al-Karak District, Jordan.AB Al-Bataina, M S. Lataifeh  Mu’tah J. for Research and Studies,. Vol. 15, No. 1,Mutah  University(2000)
Mossbauer spectroscopy and structural studies of the Tb2Fe17.  A. D. Lehlooh, Mahdi S. Lataifeh, and Sami H. MahmoodMu’tah J. for Research and Studies,Vol. 15, No. 1, Mutah  University(2000)
Mossbauer spectroscopy study of the alloy system Gd(Fe1-xCox)2Mahdi S. Lataifeh, A. D. Lehlooh and Sami H. MahmoodDirasat, pure sciences,  Vol.28 No.2,Jordan University (2001)
Magnetic study of the alloy system Gd(Fe1-xCox)2, SM Lataifeh, M O'SheaDirasat, pure sciences, Vol. 27, No.2Jordan University (2000)
Magnetic study of Al - substituted holmium iron garnet, Lataifeh, Mahdi SJournal  of the Physical Society of JapanVol. 69, No. 7, July, 2280-2282. Physical Society of Japan (2000)
Magnetic and Mossbauer spectroscopic study of some rare earth iron intermetallic compounds. Mahdi S. Lataifeh, Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics, Vol. 38, May , 331-334.NISCAIR-CSIR, India(2000)
On the equilibrium configuration of an isotropic Heisenberg ferrimagnet in a magnetic field, Mahdi S. Lataifeh and M. A. H. MacCausland. Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics,Vol. 37, , 680-682NISCAIR-CSIR, IndiaSep. (1999)
Magnetization measurements of the alloy system Fe1-xCox , Mahdi S. Lataifeh, Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, Vol. 69-1Physical Society of Japan,(2000).
Mossbauer spectroscopy of Al substituted Fe in holmium iron garnet. ,Mahdi S. Lataifeh, A. D. Lehlooh and Sami H. Mahmood Hyperfine Interactions, Vol.122, No. 3-4,Springer(1999).
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