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1. 'Arabic Relative Clauses and ECPin Collaboration with Prof. Mohammad Al-Shorafat. Al-Balqa Journal,  vol. 1Al-Balqa Journal1991
2. The Contributions of the Prescriptive and Descriptive Schools to the        Science of Language Prof. mahmoud kanakriBulletin of Education, University of Al-       mustansiriyya, IraqBulletin of Education, University of Al-       mustansiriyya, Iraq1993
A Discourse Analysis Approach to Jordanian Arabic Proverbs Prof. Mahmoud kanakriAdab Al-Rafidayn. University of Mosul1993
4. 'The Impact of Phonological Laws on the Formation of Arabic Gerunds Prof. Mahmoud kanakriJournal of Al-mustaniriyya University, IraqJournal of Al-mustaniriyya University, Iraq1993
A Novel Analysis of Short accusative and emotional utterances of Arabic(In collaboration with Prof. Yahya Ababneh).  Bulletin of the Faculty of Arts. Egypt, Asyout: University of Sohag, Bulletin of the Faculty of Arts. Egypt, Asyout: University of Sohag, 1994
6. Fossilized linguistic Items as Signs in the Development of Arabic Prof. Mahmoud kanakriIraq: Journal of Al-mustansiriyya UniversityIraq: Journal of Al-mustansiriyya University1995
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The Phrasal Verbs in English,In collaboration with Prof. Mahmoud Al-balqa' Journal Al-balqa' Journal 1996
Appropriate and inappropriate linguistic behavior and gender differences in Arabic Prof. Mahmoud kanakriJournal of Arts and Human  Sciences. Al-minya University, EgyptJournal of Arts and Human  Sciences. Al-minya University, Egypt2001
Use of Some Epistemic Modality among Men and Women Prof. Mahmoud kanakriTashrin University Journal, Al-lathiqqiyya, SyriaTashrin University Journal, Al-lathiqqiyya, Syria2001
Listening to Arab Women’s Silence. Prof. Mahmoud kanakriCommunicatum Linguisticum, MoroccoCommunicatum Linguisticum, Morocco2004
Wasta in Arabic: a sociolinguistic studyIn collaboration with Dr. Ahmad Sakarneh,Muta University. GermanyMuta University. Germany 2004
A Proto-typical study of code-switching between Arabic and Romanian in JordanIn collaboration with Violetta IonescuThe Jordan Journal of Modern Languages and Literature , Yarmouk University, 2010.2010
'The Pragmatic Functions and the Translatability of "tayib" in Jordanian Spoken Arabic'(In collaboration with Dr.Ahmad Harahshain US-China Foreign Languages, U.S.Ain US-China Foreign Languages, U.S.AJan, 5, 2013
'The Prisoner and the Jailer: A Case Study on Drama Translation(In collaboration with Dr.Mohammad kuranInternational Journal of Applied Linguistics and English Literature'2013
Sluicing and Standard ArabicMahmoud KanakriJordan Journal of Modern Languages and Literature Vol.10, No. 3, pp 271, 2018Yarmouk University2018
Sentential Negation in Standard ArabicMahmoud KanakriDirasat: Human and Social sciencesSupplementary 6, Vol. 43University of Jordan2016
'The translatability of Metaphor in Political Speeches from English into ArabicMahmoud Kanakri& Amal Al ZoubiInternational Journal of Language and LinguisticsVol. 7, No. 3, 2020, pp. 78-87.Science Publishing Group2020