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Tra 102 –Writing in Arabic
This course trains the student to write a paragraph and an essay in Arabic focusing upon writing principle and mechanisms including unity, coherence and a variety of sentence structures. It may give the student an idea about documentation.
Tra 101 – Vocabulary Building
The course teaches the student a large number of words and their analysis into their immediate morphemes and word coinage so that he can use them in different contexts.
Tra 201 – Advanced Reading in English
In this course the student reads and analyses a varaity of texts from different disciplines in terms of ideas, style, genre, and cultural thoughts which should be seriously considered in rendering such texts into Arabic
Tra 204 Writing in English
The course teaches the student how write a paragraph and an essay, emphasizing the principles and mechanics of writing in English.
Tra 408 – Discourse Analysis
This course teaches the student discoursal components including cohesion, coherence, context, and textuality. He has to effectively implement this knowledge in the actual translating, analyzing and evaluating of various discourses.
Tra 418 – Text Linguistics
The course introduces the student to the various types of texts and their characteristics to be implemented in actual translating.
Tra 404 – Translating the Short Story
In this course the student is introduced to the elements of the short story in order to be able to translate it from English into Arabic and vice versa. The course also helps the student to compare and contrast the translation of the authentic elements of the story and their paraphrase so that he should retain the story's literary, cultural and artistic features.