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​​​​​​Dr. Majdi Abu Dalbouh                       الدكتور مجدي ضيف الله أبو دلبوح 


  • Ph.D. - Linguistics (Sociolinguistics), the University of Kansas, USA.

Dissertation: Ideology, Gender Roles, and Pronominal Choice: A sociolinguistic analysis of the use of English third person generic pronouns by native speakers of Arabic

Advisors: Naima Boussofara and Allard Jongman

  • M.A. - Linguistics (Acoustic Phonetics), the University of Kansas, USA

Thesis: Effects of Gender on the Production of Emphasis in Jordanian Arabic: A sociophonetic study

Advisor: Allard Jongman

  • M.A. - Linguistics (Sociolinguistics), Yarmouk University, Jordan

Thesis: Developing a Language Planning Policy Model for the English Departments in Jordan

Advisor: Fawwaz Al-Abed Al-Haq

  • B.A. - English Language, Jordan University of Science & Technology, Jordan




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