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Research Title
1. International Conference: (Management Globalization in the Knowledge Era) Jinan University, Lebanon2012, 15-17 December
Economic Transitions in the Globalization Era
Ahmad MalawiPresenting a research paper
2. International Conference: (Third Conference For Waqf “Endowment”)   Islamic University, The Holy City of Madinah, Saudi Arabia2010, 3-5 January
The Role of Endowment (i.e. Waqf) In Sustainable Development
Ahmad MalawiPresenting a research paper
3. International Conference: (The First Conference of Administrative and Financial Sciences: “The Banking Systematic in the Arab World: Status and Perspectives”) Mamoun Private University for Science and Technology, Aleppo, Syria2009, 28-29 October
The Effectiveness of Monetary Policy in the Syrian Economic Activity
Ahmad MalawiPresenting a research paper
4. International Conference: (The Third Gulf Conference about Charitable Activity: "Charitable Activity: Pioneering and Growth")  Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department, Dubai, United Arab Emirates2008, 20-22 January
The Role of Civil Society Organizations in Comprehensive Development
Ahmad MalawiPresenting a research paper
5. International Conference on "The Status of Human Development in the Economies of Islamic Countries" Algiers University, Algeria2007, 26-27 November
Human Development in Arab Countries and Its Impact on Per Capita Income: A Polled Time Series- Cross Section (TSCS) Analysis
Ahmad MalawiPresenting a research paper
6. International Conference on "Economic Growth Dilemma in the Middle East and North African (MENA) Countries" Algiers University, Algeria2005, 14-15 November
The Impact of Gross Fixed Formation and Money Supply on Economic Activity in Algeria
Ahmad MalawiPresenting a research paper
7. Tourism Development in Arab Countries: Evaluation and VisionUniversity of Ghardaia, Algeria2013, 26-27 Febraury
Tourism Income and Its Determinants: Econometrical Study about Jordan (1975-2011)
Ahmad Malawi and Hanem DarweeshPresenting a research paper
8. Governance: Administrative and Financial CorruptionAjloun National University, Jordan2014, 18-19 November
Banking Governance: An Approach to Reinforce the Safety of Banking System
Ahmad Malawi and Nasima ShurattiPresenting a research paper
9. The Challenges of Human Resources' Development in the Arab World in the Twenty First CenturyMorocco2014, 15-16 December
Arab Woman's Contribution to Economic Activity
Ahmad MalawiPresenting a research paper
10. Financial and Banking Transititions: Status and Future ProspectsZarqa University, Jordan2016, 3-5 May
Tareq Dweiri and Ahmad MalawiPresenting a research paper
11. The role of private sector and NGOs in the development of human resources in the Arab WorldEgypt16-17 November 2016
The impact of private investment on unemployment: the case of Jordan
Ahmad Malawi & Mohammad AlrabaaPresenting a research paper
12. The Fourth Scientific Conference for Research and Studies of Economics and Administrative SciencesKing AbdulAziz University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia17-19 April 2018
The Importance of the Performance of Government Sector in Achieving Sustainable Development
Ahmad MalawiPresenting a research paper
13. The Ninth International Conference: Economics and ManagementYarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan23-25 April 2019
The Impact of Corruption on the Volume of Trade in Amman Stock Exchange
Yarob Al-Shraideh & Ahmad MalawiPresenting  a research paper
14. International Conference on Life SciencesRomaniaMay, 2018
Loans, Between Need and Reality
Ahmad Malawi and OthersPresenting  a research paper
15. International Conference about Sustainable ConferenceNouakchott, Mauritania18-19 May 2021
The Role of Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Development
Ahmad Ibrahim MalawiPresenting a research paper