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1. The Effect of Monetary Policy on the Economic Activity by Using Time Series AnalysisRasha Abdullah DayyatMonetary Theory2003Published
2. The Impact of Credit on the Jordanian Economic Activity: VAR Model over the Period (1970-2000)Ahmad AbdlKader Al-MajaliMoney and Banking2003Published
3. The Determinants of the Jordanian Tourism Income over the Period (1975-2005)Hanem Ragab Al-DarweshEconomics of Tourism2008Published
4. The Impact of Financial Liberization on Economic Activity: Case Study of Algeria During the Period (1990-2008)Ahmad Habib ZeghoudiInternatinal Finance2011Published
5. The Relative Effectiveness of Monetary and Fiscal Policies in Economic Activity: A Comparison Between Jordan and Algeria by Using a Structural Vector Autoregressive (SVAR)Amina Nour-Eddine MeghlaouiMonetary and Fiscal Policies2011Published
6. The Impact of Economic Globalization on the Environment in Both Developed and Developing Countries (The European Union and COMESA) for the Period 1980-2007Sara Abdelouahab Ali LehimeurEconomics of Environment2011Published
7. Jordan's Accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO): Economic AssessmentIbrahim Hussein Al-OmariInternational Trade2012Published
8. The Effect of Trade Liberization on Real Exchange Rate of the Jordanian Dinar against the U.S. DollarTariq Zyad DweeriInternational Finance2012Published
9. The Impact of Industrial Exports on Economic Growth in Jordan (1980-2010)Mays Awath ShattnawiIndustrial Economics2013Published
10. The Impact of Money Supply on the GDP of the Jordanian Privatr Sector (1992-2007)Reem Bani HaniMacroeconomics2013Published
11. The Impact of Economic Globalization on the Productivity of Jordanian WorkerMaram MansiLabor Economics2013Published
12. The Impact of Monetary Policy on Foreign Reserves: Econometric Evidence (1980-2012)Ala'a Abdul-Hafeez Al-BasheerInternational Finance2014Published
13. The Impact of Fiscal Policy on the Performance of Amman Stock ExchangeSahab Al-SmadiFinancial Markets2014Published
14.The Impact of Electricity Consumption on Economic Growth in Jordan: An Econometric Study (1985-2013) Qutaiba Abdullah Al-HazaimehMacroeconomics2015Published
15. The impact of fluctuations in the real exchange rate of the Jordanian dinar against the US dollar on economic growth in Jordan (1980 – 2010).Mohammad amjad DwaghrehInternational Finance2015Published
16. The Impact of External Debt on Foreign Reserves in Jordan: An Econometric Study (1980–2013)Huda Ayman AL-JodehInternational Finance2015Published
17. The Impact of the Real Exchange Rate of the Jordanian Dinar against the U.S Dollar on the Performance of Amman Stock Exchange: Econometric Study (1980-2014)Saif Salah Al-QudahFinancial Markets2016Published
18. The Impact of Economic Globalization on Performance of Amman Stock Stock Exchange (Jordan): An Econometric StudyAli Tayseer Al-QudahFinancial Markets2016Published
19. The Impact of Financial Deepening on Economic Growth in Jordan: Econometric Study (1980-2015)Ahmad Abdelkhaleq JabaeFinancial Economics2017Published
20. The Impact ofthe Inflow of Foreign Direct Investmenton Foreign Reserves in Jordan: An Econometric Study (2015- 1980)Heba SuliemanInternational Finance2017Published
21. The Impact of Financial Liberalization on the Volume of Trade in Amman Stock Exchange (Jordan)Mohammad Tayseer Bani HaniFinancial Markets2017Published
22. The Impact of Amman Stock Exchange Performance on Economic Growth in Jordan: Econometric StudyRawan Rashad Al-OmariFinancial Markets2017Published
23. The Impact of Corruption on Amman Stock Exchange PerformanceYarob Al-ShraidehFinancial Markets2019Not Published
24. The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on the Balance of Trade in Jordan (1975-2017)Ahmad Al-NawasrahInternational Finance2019Published
25. The Impact of Rule of Law on the Performance of Amman Stock Exchange (Jordan): An Econometric Study  (1998-2017)Majeda Al-AzzamFinancial Markets2020Not Published