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Requirements for Enforcing Digital Rights Management in Multicast Content RedistributionMalek Barhoush and J. William AtwoodTelecommunications Systems, special issue on "Secure Multimedia Services"vol. 45, no. 1, pp. 3-20Springer US September 2010
Non–visual navigation interface for completing tasks with a predefined order using mobile phone: a case study of pilgrimageIyad Abu Doush, Sawsan Alshattnawi, Malek BarhoushInternational Journal of Mobile Network Design and InnovationVol 6, Issue 1, PP 1-13Inderscience Publishers (IEL)2015
Developing A System For Converting A Numeral Text Into Digit Number: Abacus ApplicationFaisal Alkhateeb, Malek Barhoush, Elham Al-AbdallahJournal of Intelligent SystemsVolume 25, Issue 4, Pages 611–628, DOI: 10.1515/jisys-2015-0029De GruyterOct 2016
Distributed grey wolf optimizer for numerical optimization problems‏Bilal H. Abed-alguni and Malek BarhoushJordanian Journal of Computers and Information Technology (JJCIT)Vol 4, pp 130 - 1492018
An efficient holy quran recitation recognizer based on svm learning model‏Khalid M.O. Nahar, Ra'ed M. Al-Khatib, Moy'awiah A. Al-Shannaq and Malek M. BarhoushJordanian Journal of Computers and Information Technology (JJCIT)vol 6, pp 395-4172020
Exploratory cuckoo search for solving single-objective optimization problems‏Abed-alguni, Bilal H and Alawad, Noor Aldeen and Barhoush, Malek and Hammad, RafatSoft Computingpp 1-14Springer2021
A Semantic-Based Approach for Managing Healthcare Big Data: A Survey‏Rafat Hammad, Malek Barhoush and Bilal H. Abed-algunJournal of Healthcare EngineeringVol 2020, pp 1-12Journal of Healthcare Engineering2020
SAP: Standard Arabic Profiling Toolset for Textual Analysis‏Nahar Khalid MO, Al Eroud A., Barahoush Malek and Al-Akhras A.International Journal of Machine Learning and Computingvol 9, PP  222-229.2019
MPF-LEACH: modified probability function for cluster head election in LEACH protocol‏Khalid M.O. Nahar, Ra’ed M. Al-Khatib and Malek BarhoushInternational Journal of Computer Applications in Technologyvol 60 (3), pp 267- 2802019
PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT OF THE ADVANCED ENCRYPTION STANDARD VIA PIPELINED IMPLEMENTATION‏Malek M. Barhoush, Najib A. Kofahi, Khalid M.O. Nahar, Anas M.R. Alsobeh, Ameera Jaradat and Bayan AlomariJournal of Theoretical and Applied Informtion Technologyvol 97 (15), pp 4213 - 4226JATIT2019
Priority-Based and Optimized Data Center Selection in Cloud ComputingNajib A Kofahi, Tariq Alsmadi, Malek Barhoush, Moy’awiah A Al-ShannaqArabian Journal for Science and Engineeringvol 44, pp 9275–9290Springer 2019
Network Intrusion Detection System: Machine Learning ApproachAmeera S. jaradat, Malek M. Barhoush and Rawan S. Bani EasaIndonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciencevol 15 (3)2021
DES22: DES-BASED ALGORITHM WITH IMPROVED SECURITYMalek M. Barhoush, Bilal H. Abed-Alguni, Rafat Hammad, Mohammad Al-Fawa'reh, Rana N. HassanJordanian Journal of Computers and Information Technology (JJCIT)Vol 08(01)Scientific Research Support Fund (SRSF) / Jordan2022
Utilizing Genetic Algorithm and Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm to Extend the WSN lifetime• Sawsan Alshattnawi, Lubna Afifi, Amani M. shatnawi, Malek M. BarhoushInternational Journal of ComputingVol 19(2)2022
Enhancеd Analysis Approach to Detect Phishing Attacks During COVID-19 CrisisMousa T. Jafar, Mohammad Al-Fawa’reh, Malek M. Barhoush and Mohammad H. Alshira’HCybernetics and Information TechnologiesVol 22 (01) 17 pagesInstitute of Information and Communication Technologies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences2022