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[1] Fuzzy Logic and it's ApplicationsBahaa Al-ZaleqFuzzy Logic2007Published
[2] Fuzzy Measure and Fuzzy IntegralOsama JadaFuzzy Analysis2008Published
[3] Some Applications of Graph Theory in Boolean AlgebraSamer Al-OkailyGraph Theory2008Published
[4] Integration of a Crisp Real-Valued Function over a Fuzzy IntervalAreej Al-ShormanFuzzy Analysis2009Published
[5] General Method Generate Fuzzy Equivalence Relations of the Form nxn MatricesTariq QawasmehFuzzy Logic2016Published
[6] New General Method Generate Fuzzy PartitionsNeda Bani-DomiFuzzy Logic2017Published
[7]  Applications of Composition of Fuzzy Relations for Electronic PaymentManal AlomariFuzzy Applications2019Published
[8] Applications of S-class function of fuzzy Sets and Compositions of Fuzzy Relations for Medical Diagnosis8] Huda AlajlouniFuzzy Applications2019Published
[9] Some New Operations on Fuzzy MatricesAyman Al-RashdanFuzzy Algebra2021Published
[10] Applications of Eigen Fuzzy Sets for Air Conditioner Users SatisfactionBaraa HamamdhFuzzy Application2021Not Published
[11] Applications of Composition of Fuzzy Relations to Measure Postgraduate Students Satisfaction from Distance EducationMaee MasaratFuzzy Applications2022Not Published
[12] Applications of Fuzzy Matrices in Diagnosis of Covid 19Ahmad OrjaniFuzzy Applications2022Published