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Gender differences in the mathematics achievement of year 10 students in Jordan Mubark, M & Gellert, UFar East Journal of Mathematical8 (1), 1-142012
Mathematical thinking: Teacher perceptions and students performanceMubark, MCanadian Social Sciences7 (5), 176-1812011
Political integration levels of Arab community in Germany Ayed (Al-Dajah), A, Oppelland, T, Mubark, M, Al-Oweimer w & Malkawi, N International Journal of multidisciplinary thought3 (2), 185-192(2013)
Mathematical Problem Solving: An exploratory study of gifted students in Jordan based on Polya´s four-step model,  Mubark, M & Zaman, M, Mubarak, WFar East Journal of Mathematical Education.8 (2),137-1552012
Attitudes of the Arab community in relation to cultural identity and social integration in GermanyAyed, H, Mubark, M. & Al-Oweimer, WCanadian Social Science8 (1), 191-199. 2012
 COMPARING MATH ANXIETY OF SCIENTIFIC FACILITIES STUDENTS AS RELATED TO ACHIEVEMENT, AND SOME VARIABLES  Ma’moon M. Mubark  (Al shannaq) &    Johanna LeppavirtaInternatioanl Journal of Instruction