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BankWeb Sites Phishing Detection and Notification System Based on Semantic Web technologiesFaisal Alkhateeb, Ahmed M. Manasrah and Abed Al Raoof BsoulInternational Journal of Security and Its Applications (IJSIA)6SERSC2012
Connecting Mobile Users Through Mobile Social NetworksFaisal Alkhateeb, Ahmed M. Manasrah, Iyad Abu Doush, Eslam Al MaghayreInternational Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies6 (4): 4-12International Association of Online Engineering2012
Baduw: Behavioural Based Approach for Detecting Udp WormANBAR, M., ABDULLAH, R., MANASRAH, A., MUNTHER, A. & MANICKAM, S.(Indian Journal of Science and Technology.8(35,) pp. 1-112015
A Survey of Botnet Detection Based on DnsALIEYAN, K., ALMOMANI, A., MANASRAH, A. & KADHUM, M. M.Neural Computing and Applications1-18Springer2015
Investigating Study on Network Scanning TechniquesANBAR, M., MANASRAH, A., RAMADASS, S., ALTAHER, A., ALJMMAL, A. & ALMOMANI, A.International Journal of Digital Content Technology and its Applications7 (9),pp. 312-320.2013
An Enhanced Online Phishing E-Mail Detection Framework Based on Evolving Connectionist SystemALMOMANI, A., WAN, T.-C., MANASRAH, A., ALTAHER, A., BAKLIZI, M. & RAMADASS, S.International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control (IJICIC)9 (3),pp. 169-1752013
Statistical Cross-Relation Approach for Detecting TCP and UDP Random and Sequential Network Scanning (Scans)ANBAR, M., MANASRAH, A. & MANICKAM, S.International Journal of Computer Mathematics.89 (15),pp. 1952-1969Taylor 2012