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Sociology of organizations, decision- making process, STS (science and technology studies), actor- network theory, urban planning, urban studies
Generally, my work is empirically driven, I believe that a lot of inspirations can be obtained if we just look closely into how the institutions of planning, or general planning settings are coping with any emergent circumstances. An interesting motivational force for me is the bridging between profound theoretical stances and the complex realities that planning processes are facing currently. To achieve this aim, and to understand the manifold of the relations within these complex realities, it becomes crucial to trace any involved heterogeneous relations while they are in the making, and to describe without any prejudice judgement on who/which actors are influential, shaping, making, and proceeding the process. Further, it is important to slow down, to go back to theories, and to try to explain the observed relations with the aid of these theories. But also to develop on these theories by getting inspired from new complexities or relational patterns that always require going more into depth, and stretching far beyond what is pre-given in different theories. I think this approach of conducting research, insures the constant interrelation between theoretical thinking, and empirical insights, thus keeping the opportunity of an updated views, motivated with new emergent conditions are always opened.
The domains of my theoretical interest are not bound to any specific defined disciplines. Most of my practical and research experiences are founded within the planning theories domain, nevertheless, the interest of studying decision-making, or general planning process can expand beyond this domain to refer back to organizational theories, political studies, sociology, or STS (Social Studies of Science and Technology) as major domains that have contributed to profound understanding of decision-making processes. Additionally, planning theories can encompass wide spectrum of concepts and ideas that can provide relevant contextualization for many arguments. I count more specifically on ideas or concepts inspired by Actor Network Theory (ANT) which can gain a wider inclusivity to my analytical senses, sharpen my point of view towards incorporating different theories whenever these can support my arguments or my analysis.