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Research Title
Similarity Evaluation in DNA Sequences Based in Nucleotides Similarity
Heba Al-Shaek Salem, Maryam Nuser and Izzat Alsmadi
International conference for economics, buissness, and Financial challenges in MENA and GCC countriesJordan2012
improving the performance of transportation logistics using wireless data systems
Ghazi Magableh, Maryam Nuser, Ihab Magableh
Evaluating Graphical and Statistical Techniques for Measuring Similarity in DNA Sequences
Maryam Nuser , Izzat Alsmadi
Rule and Dictionary Based Romanization of Arabic Text: Comparative Study
Hanan N. Abu Obied , Maryam S. Nuser , Heider A. Wahsheh
Analyzing thermodynamics of DNA spaces
Maryam Nuser
Evaluating Accessibility of Jordanian E-Government Websites for People with Disabilities
Mustafa Al-radaideh, Maryam Nuser and Abdullah Wahbeh
Arab Women Academic Sciences and Technology:Towards Sustainable DevelopmentJordan2008
The First Arab Conference for Training and Human Resources’ Development -Future ViewJordan2006
Distance Learning: Choices and Challenges
Ghazi M., Maryam N.
The First Arab Conference for Training and Human Resources’ Development -Future ViewJordan2006
A Developed Model to Manage and Control Distance Learning Programs
Maryam N., Ghazi M.
Modeling DNA spaces using sampling techniques
Maryam Nuser
Models of Large Sets of Non-Crosshybridizing Oligonucleotides
Maryam Nuser, Russell Deaton
A Probabilistic Analysis of in Vitro Selection of independent DNA Words for Computation
Maryam Nuser , Russell Deaton
ACIT Jordan2015
A Novel Method to Evaluate Romanization Systems: The Case of Romanizing Arabic Proper Nouns, The International Arab Conference on Information Technology (ACIT'2015), Amman, Jordan, (Dec 15 - 17, 2015), 7 pages.
Al-Kabi M. N., Abu Obied H. N., Alsmadi I. M., Nuser M. S.